The What, Why and How of Circular Dating

How Circular Dating Solves Everything!

Circular Dating is a term coined by Rori Raye, relationship expert and author of “Have the Relationship You Want.” The primary aim of circular dating is to find the right person with whom one can have a long-standing relationship including marriage.

The strategy is to date several persons (at least 3); all at one go and evaluate their potential capabilities to be the person you want.

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By adopting the process of circular dating, you ensure that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. It is a process of first come first serve policy.

The essence of circular dating is that you make yourself available for dating with the person who calls you first, do not alter the schedule and also do not try to rearrange the timing to have a date with the person you like most or for having a date at the most enjoyable and lively places

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By following the principles of circular dating, you make sure you keep dating a diverse section of people. All your options remain wide open, and you are in an advantageous position to find the best suitable relationship for you.

1. Dating Single Person

When you date a single person and quickly get serious about the relationship, you are closing all your options to come out of any future potential problem which may arise in due course of time. Moreover, you are also closing off all your other options which might have any significance in finding a person better suited to you.

When you are devoting all your time, energy and attention to a single person even before identifying and finding your dream relationship, you are inviting unwanted trouble for your relationship. Now, what happens when you try circular dating?

2. Choose Right Kind Of partner

First of all, with circular dating, you have the option to figure out what kind of partner you want to have for a relationship. You meet different types of people by way of circular dating.

You may also find a few bad kinds of wood in the course of such dating. With no commitments attached to such dates, it is easier for you to abandon those rotten woods and then perhaps replace them with other potential relationship seekers.

In such situations, the concentration of all the power is squarely on you, and it is you who has to undertake the responsibility of investing it wisely.

Circular dating also ensures that no single person can claim your outright attention and focus. When a person realizes the fact that he/she is not the central figure in your scheme of things, the person becomes motivated to win you over.

3. Let him Make the First move

On the other hand, if a person could find out that you had become devoted to him/her even before the person asked you for a commitment, you may appear less attractive to him/her.

When you continue to date different persons at the same time, it changes your vibe, and you feel more charming, confident and charismatic.

4. Practice Relaxing

You keep your focus on yourself more than anybody else, and it ensures that you feel warm, romantic and with a sublime shape. Your confidence rubs off on your dates, and you become even more appealing and desirable to them

Now you are in a position to have your choices to make yourself satisfied, contented and happy. You may stop circular dating once you find somebody who you think is capable of claiming your undivided attention.

5. Be Frank in Conversation

There is a frequently asked question about circular dating. Should you tell your dates that you are also dating others? As there is no commitment attached to such dates, there is no point in hiding the fact.

Circular dating

One should not come forward voluntarily to reveal such facts. It is quite likely that both partners are involved in such multiple dates.

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It all depends on the nature of conversation you are having with your date. If the conversation veers around the subject, you should be open about it. And, there is no need to feel ashamed or guilty.

If your partner is desperate to win you over and is keen to secure your undivided attention, such admission will only enhance his/her resolve to do so.

It is essential you find the right person who will inspire your love and devotion. And, it is your sensibility which will be instrumental in motivating the person to cherish and admire you forever.

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