15 Dating Tips To Attract Your Woman

How to Attract The Woman You Want

Ok, let’s be honest and true, everyone wants to feel attractive in their unique way. For some guys, it comes naturally, maybe as a result of their fine looks and other qualities. For the likes of me, however, we have to work on some aspects of our social life.

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At work or with friends, has anyone ever caught your attention and you just want to relate? Of course, it happens, and then you think, what do I say? How do I approach? Will she be mean? And so on. Then, you find yourself in the same spot because you haven’t made a move and those questions initially should be the least of your worries. You should simply ask, can I attract a woman? Then, how exactly do I attract a woman?

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First, it’s important you know and work around the little changes you need for yourself. I mean, is there an attitude you need to change? Should you improve in your manner of approach?

In the same vein, you should know what you want. Well, all things are quite straightforward and logical when you do. Women often admire a man with a mind of his own.

1. Keep yourself well groomed

Grooming starts by cleaning your body. Brushing and keeping your hair tidy. Take showers regularly. Smell nice. Dress well, nothing too flashy just simple enough to save you embarrassment and classy enough to keep you in line.

Well groomed man

2. Make a move

If she has caught your eye and met your want; make a move! There is no shame in going all out for what you desire. This makes her feel wanted and you a worthy and powerful one.

3. Tease, don’t make jest

Yes, every woman likes a man that can make her laugh even when she is stressed. This starts from tiny bits of compliments and teasing. Be careful however to keep things “fun and not too funny for yourself.” Trust me; no woman likes to be mocked.

4. Understand a woman from her perspective

Now, this sounds difficult but is quite easy. The first thing you should know is that attraction mechanism differs from women to men. To create or establish any form of attraction you have to study the woman in question vividly. Take note of the smallest details, body language and reactions.

Body language

5. Be observant especially on non-verbal cues

When and if you make a mistake, probably spilling water or spittle when talking. She sure will give a sign of being uncomfortable. It’s ok to ask questions. Remember most women don’t like to be bored with the interview style questions.

Talk to her, don’t talk only – communicate. Never be too distracted to listen. She wants a listening ear and a man to boost her confidence.

6. Avoid bragging

If you’re rich or wealthy or you have nice stuff. Avoid talking about it too often. It’s safe to let her discover your success independently.

7. Understand the role of arousal in attraction

The attraction between opposite sex comes with a bit of adrenaline which establishes arousal. Arousal for women is quite flavored; it peaks when she is stimulated with words and other emotion tugging stuff. The man on the hand is turned on by what he sees, beauty and physical features.

It is therefore allowed to indulge her fantasies without being disrespectful. Know that this is a two-way street you should walk together. Don’t set out to impress, rather set out to express without stress. These shows confidence and mark my words; no woman detests that.

8. Show her you care

There is a saying that “what you don’t work for, you don’t value.” Value starts with making out time, calling, reaching out and showing emotions without muddling it all up. Show her you care. It makes her feel attractive.


9. Be cool

Don’t be a major jerk. You know. Don’t sweat at the smallest things–like a missed call or text message not acknowledged. Even though, these won’t necessarily be a small issue when relating progress. Just let things go, be cool like that.

10. Employ courteous chivalrousness

Yeah, right? Hold the door for her. Hold her hands when taking a walk. Pull out her chair when having lunch or dinner. Compliment her not her looks. Smile, it turns her on too.

11. Be creative

I mean, women get tired of hearing the same lines used over and over again. Make your approach different, let your ways be unique. Who knows, you could be making efforts in the future.

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12. Don’t give yourself over so easily

Women like to think they are in charge and of course, men feel they are natural bosses. Caress her ego and yours. Let her that feeling of being in charge without failing to keep your mystery to yourself. No, I don’t mean being open. I mean being challenging and exciting at the same time.

13. Don’t stand her up

Never do this. Like, don’t even try it!!! Say you fixed a Date and something came up, it’s best to personally tell her and reschedule than to not show up at all. It shows a lack of respect and responsibility.

Remember your actions tell more. Actions they say speak louder than voice. Anyone who reacts badly or has a “not –so good” behavior makes an imprint, yeah, a lasting statement without saying many words. For example, pressing your phone while talking without asking for an excuse is extremely rude. It also shows that you might not be reliable.

14. Be attractive

It doesn’t have to be fake makeup or artistry tricks. Be yourself without hiding or manipulation. True, some women may fall for pretense and falsehood. All women are not the same. Originality is the new attractive.

Attractive man

15. Be fit

You don’t have to be all toned and muscled up. Maintain your body. Stay healthy and exercise regularly.
Work on your talent; you probably have one of two of this. You should work on it, learn a new one if need be. Just have a Life.

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