10 Gestures That Are Important In Relationships

10 Gestures That Are Important In Relationships

What makes a relationship great? If you have ever wondered why your previous relationship didn’t quite work out, but your current one is so great, the answer could hide in the small gestures. The little things can have the most significant impact. Studies have found that small gestures can positively influence your relationship. Continue reading to find out why that is and what gestures better to use.

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1. Cook for them

You might not be able to cook a three-course meal, but even a sandwich or a cup of coffee will do the trick. Studies have found that this small act of kindness further strengthens an already strong relationship.



2. Find a new way to spend time together

Do you and your partner share a hobby? If not, it might be time to find something to do together. Sharing an activity with your partner has a very positive influence on relationships. Sharing a new experience can keep your relationship alive and going.

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3. Appreciate your partner

This might sound very easy, but simply saying “thank you” has a major influence on the well being of your relationship. Very often couples get used to each other and forget to say thank you. Appreciating your partner every day will ensure them of how much you care for everything they are doing.



4. Talk about your relationship with others

Researchers have found out that answering personal questions about you and your loved one will make you feel more in love with them. Try going on double dates- it can benefit your relationship as well as your friends.

5. Celebrate with them

When your partner comes home happy, because they have done something great, you should be happy together with them. Even if they just got a compliment from their boss or other small victory has happened for them. It doesn’t matter if you think that they are being silly, just support them. It shows your partner that you care and that you love them.

6. Kiss

You probably couldn’t wait for the first kiss with your partner. How often do you do it now? Researchers have found that kissing equals good relationship. This small gesture of physical attraction is what makes a relationship feel good. Kissing reduces stress and ensures you both about the feelings you share.

7. See a movie

Are you or your partner obsessed with action and sci-fi movies? One of you simply always agrees to watch for the company. It might be time to bring some changes in your DVD collection. Turns out that watching romantic comedies and later discussing the relationships in them can benefit your relationship. Researchers have found that this pastime can decrease divorce rates.

8. Divide your responsibilities

If you are living together, it is important that you both take care of your home. Sharing chores will not only make your life easier, but it will also make you appreciate each other more.

9. Use more face-to-face action

Nowadays rarely anyone can survive without a phone. It is good to keep in touch with each other through phone, but it is better to interact with each other personally. When you are at home with your partner, put away your phone. And if you are arguing with them, do it personally.

10. Surprise them

Does receiving a gift lift your spirits? Most probably it does, and it will work for your partner too. Surprising each other with small gifts can have a major positive effect on your relationship. You don’t have to wait for a reason to give them something. If you see something in the store that reminds you of your partner, buy it for them.

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