8 Signs That Your Woman Is Marriage Material

8 Signs That Your Woman Is Marriage Material

Marriage is a long and glorious tradition. It has changed due to history and culture and social norms. It has evolved and formed into what it is today in western culture: it’s all about love and the romance of spending one’s life together with another person. Today, many treat marriage too flippantly, as if it’s the same as buying a new car. They go through marriage after marriage and divorce after divorce, and in the end, don’t seem to be all that happy. They are scratching their heads wondering what the problem is. Why can’t I find the love I always dreamed of? Try this marriage compatibility calculator.

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Often, we focus on women asking this question, but let’s not forget that men ask it too. It can be difficult when in a relationship to decide if the other person is marriage material or not. The man could either get a feeling like their woman is the one, but we don’t think they feel the same way, or the other person thinks that their man is the one, but the man is having lots of doubts. How is it possible to know if marriage is viable for the relationship?

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Not only are we plagued with these kinds of questions, but there is also the social pressure to consider. In the last generation, marriage was a yes yes yes! People did it, and it was normal and even expected to happen! But now, lots of people never get married: they have long term partners or don’t feel like settling down. Some people scoff at the “archaic institution of marriage”, thinking it’s a way to rope people into an impossible relationship for life. Also, people think that it’s impossible for two people to possibly spend their lives together and succeed and do it faithfully. With all of these questions out there, here a few tips to know if the woman is marriage material:

#1. She loves herself.

She is confident and strong, and she doesn’t actually need anyone to create her own enjoyment and experiences and life. She isn’t needy or clingy, and she loves her partner, but she wouldn’t fall apart without them. She isn’t selfish because she understands how to love another person.

#2. She is kind.

Good old fashioned kindness will never go out of style. And kindness lasts. It is something that is worth holding on to. With all of the bad things that happen in the world, it’s amazing to still find people that are truly kind. So, hold on to that!

#3. She’s intelligent.

This doesn’t mean she has a PhD, or that she got straight A’s all through school. There are so many different kinds of intelligence. Does she have another level in which she can discuss complex and deep topics? Does she have more to offer than surface things? Does she read, try to inform herself, have interest in world topics? Not only are these things important for anyone to know, but this will help make the lifelong relationship much more fun and interesting if both parties can use each other to learn more and delve into all kinds of topics.

#4. She’s compassionate.

Empathy is a valuable trait. And, it’s a good sign if one’s partner has a compassionate and empathetic heart. That means that they will be kind and passionate to their partner, even when the times get tough. And, if there are ever children involved, then one can be sure their woman will be a kind and compassionate parent.

#5. She adapts well to change.

Life has its ups and downs, and it’s good to know if one’s partner can handle those ups and downs. Let’s say a move has to happen, or something else unexpected. When someone can take that with equanimity, then it makes for a great marriage partner.

#6. She can commit to things.

Loyalty and commitment are excellent traits in an individual. It’s important for the partner to see how their partner reacts to all kinds of situations in order to see their true character. See what kinds of things she puts her heart into and commits to. Can she stick it out?

#7. She’s OK with not getting what she wants.

This is important for both partners to have and understand. Life isn’t always easy, and if one partner has to deal with the tantrums of a partner who doesn’t know how to deal with not getting what they want, then that means a long and difficult marriage. Being an adult means reacting to things appropriately and dealing with loss effectively.

#8. She has similar views as her partner: politically, financially, and family-wise.

This is so incredibly important for relationships. Things will be hard and difficult if both people are opposites in every way. It will just cause tension and strife and lead to lots of arguments and discord. It will be much smoother if partners can agree on the most important fundamental things. A relationship is totally boring if both partners agree with everything the other says and thinks, but it won’t work if there is too much disagreement.

Humans crave connections. Despite the haters out there who have lots of negative things to say about marriage, people would love to find that person who thinks the world of them. Imagine it: think of the compliment it is if someone wants to spend the REST OF THEIR LIFE with another person. That shows commitment and tenacity and a true love. Who can argue with that?

Relationships are tricky yet incredible things. They can make people’s lives a walking dream or a living hell. There is so much advice out there for relationships: how to find them, how to make them work, and how to make them last. There are so many people out there who are desperate for guidance to know if the relationship is good and right and worth a long-time commitment.

This is an important note for one to find out if their partner is marriage material: spend a lot of time with them and put each other into all kinds of situations. Analyze and take mental notes about their reactions. For example, one should see how their girlfriend reacts to a traffic jam, a difficulty at work, an argument, and service workers such as waiters and waitresses.

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By seeing all of these things, it can be extremely informative. One can tell if their partner is kind, patient, adaptable, respectful, humble, loving, and compassionate. Nobody’s perfect, but these are all excellent traits that make for a good marriage partner. But don’t act like a detective interrogating a witness. Don’t treat it like a case. Enjoy the time spent with the other person, but one should keep their eyes open.

At the end of the day, one should go with their gut. That always tells the truth. If they see something that’s not quite right, and raises a red flag, it will not get better. It will most likely only get worse. Think about it. Marriage is a very long time. It’s a huge commitment. So, don’t take it lightly. And, even if it hurts to end something with someone that isn’t the right person, that’s so much better than wasting either person’s life by going through with a bad relationship. So, stay alert, have fun, and remember this tips to find out if the girlfriend is a good choice to take to the next level!

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