10 Important Love Lessons from The Bachelorette

10 Important Love Lessons from The Bachelorette

Dating scenario in the hit reality TV show The Bachelorette is quite extreme. It is not likely that you will ever encounter a situation like that. Nevertheless, you might take some relationship advice from experience of the Bachelorette. Here are 10 important love lessons you might want to keep in mind.

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  1. Be alert

At first you might think that a guy you just met is simply perfect. But be aware that he might be lying. In the TV show some guys were just in to promote themselves or their business. In real life, he could just be interested in one night stand.

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  1. Don’t reveal your secrets

When getting to know someone, you should reveal things about yourself in an orderly manner. There are probably some things that people might consider weird or unattractive about your personality or habits. Before revealing them, make sure that your date is ready to process these things.

  1. Plan your dates right

Pre-planned dates, with all the people around you can quickly take all romance out of the evening. Learn from the bachelorette and simply skip on the fancy dates. You are there to connect with a guy, so it is better to choose a quiet location where you can focus on each other.

  1. Keep an open mind

You might have a list of qualities that you are looking for in the perfect guy. But the bachelorette had to stay open minded and get to know different sorts of guys. Reconsider what is truly important to you in a man and you might find the perfect match in someone you never expected.

  1. Past mistakes might haunt you in the future

At some point in your relationship the topic about the “Ex” will come up. In The Bachelorette Ireland a guy admitted to have cheated on his ex wife and mother of his child. This can be a huge turn-off for any woman, especially if she has been hurt in a similar way before.

  1. Love is not easy

It is unimaginable how hard it must have been for the Bachelorette contestants to date all those men at once and choose the right one. Although real life is quite different, love still takes effort. Getting to know one another and trying not to get caught up in a relationship with the wrong guy is a test for every single woman. But as long as you ork for your relationship, you will succeed.

  1. Perfect might not be so perfect

Every person has their secrets, but you might be too caught up in ho beautiful the guy is to notice the lack of good qualities in his character. In most cases the men who take too much care of their looks are vey egoistic and self centered.

  1. You can always find love

The show comes with a lot of emotions and heartbreak. Even if the relationship hasn’t worked out with someone that you were truly into, don’t worry too much. If a guy doesn’t answer your feelings, don’t be too upset. The right person will definitely feel the same way about you, as you do about them.

  1. The quiet ones can turn out to be the best

You might have not noticed all the guys in the first series of Bachelorette. After staying in the contest for longer, some guys turned out to be more interesting than ever expected. In real life, try not to give in to the boldness of a guy. The one who is always silent might turn out to be the right one for you.

  1. Discuss your future

The Bachelorette contestants definitely didn’t have a lot time to consider everything about their partners, but you do.

If things get very serious, talk to your partner about the future. It might turn out that you both have some beliefs or dreams you are not willing to give up for anyone.

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