10 Ways On How To Ditch A Date

10 Ways on How to Ditch a Date

You might have agreed to go on a date with someone you don’t really know. Of course, you are expecting that all will go great. But in some cases, you feel like you will rather be sick than spend another minute with this person. If you are out in the dating world, things like this might happen from time to time. It will not hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve on how to ditch a bad date. Read further to find out how to get out of a terrible date.

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1. “I Have To Be Home Soon”

You are not a child anymore, and it seems silly that you have a curfew. But this trick can help you to get out of a bad date. Give the other person a good reason why you have to be home soon- your roommate is expecting you, or you have a pet to feed. It can be anything, as long as it sounds legitimate.

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2. “Oh No, My Friend Needs Help”

Before you go on a date, be prepared that it could go wrong. Ask your friend to call you at a certain time. If things are going well, simply ignore the phone call and continue with your nice evening. But if the date is terrible, you can react to the phone call. Make an excuse that could need your attention straight away, like “Oh no, my friend’s car broke down and she needs a lift” or “My nanny has to go home right now”, even though you don’t have any kids.

3. “I Don’t Agree With You”

If you are certain that you and your date don’t have anything in common and you will not want to see this person again, make them understand it too. Don’t hold back on any of your world views, especially if you now that the other person believes exactly the opposite. For example, if they are a strict non-drinker, order a few cocktails for yourself. Or if they don’t eat meat, talk away all about your last hunting trip and how perfectly you cooked that meat.

4. “I’m Feeling Sick”

This is a classic excuse that might require some acting skills. Telling you are feeling sick might be a good excuse, but you will have to have some symptoms too. Rub your head and say that your head is aching all day. A more precise strategy is to rush to the bathroom every few minutes- your date will definitely notice and will be happy to end the evening.

5. “I’ll Be Right Back”

One way to ditch your date is simply disappearing. For this reason, it is better to plan your first date in a place that offers the opportunity to disappear, for example, a bar or a cinema. Make an excuse to leave, like go to the bathroom, and then disappear. If your date is calling you, simply tell them that you couldn’t find them anymore and thought that they left.

6. “I Have To Work”

If you are working a shift job, you have the perfect excuse to ditch your date. If you are certain that your date is a disaster, tell that you need to go to work. For example, tell that your colleague just called before and asked you to switch shifts. You only had time for a quick coffee. Apologize and run away.

7. “Oh! Hi! I Haven’t Seen You In Ages!”

If you are going on a date, you are not certain will go right, ask your friend to come along and be around. Make up a signal in case things are going badly. When your friend comes by you can act like you haven’t seen each other for ages. What can you do- friendship is more important than some guy you just met

8. “I Think We Should Be Friends”

Let your date know that there is no future between you by friend zoning him. Tell them that you see the both of you being good friends. This simple trick will kill the mood and make your date understand that there is no future here.

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9. “Let Me Tell You All about My Ex”

If your date is going bad and you want to end it soon, as well as ensure that this person never asks you out, become a story teller. Start to tell all about your exes, how you think they are completely stupid and so on. Don’t keep anything to yourself- if you really want this not to work, go all out.

10. “I Want To Be Honest With You”

One of the best ways to ditch your date is simply, to be frank with them. If you feel like things are not going great, tell it to your date. Say that you think they are a wonderful person, but you just don’t see the two of you being together. Your date will not be able to argue with this strategy.

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