12 Ways To Become A Better Partner

How To Become A Better Catch

Being a ‘catch’ in this context has no affinity for predation or sports, according to the urban dictionary, it is a spectacular find in marriage or dating. I bet you know this already.

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To me, a catch is someone from who a sexual relationship is frequently yearned and sought for. The catch is an attractive person with the profile of enviable ambition, jaw-opening goals, much optimism, and is someone who has lots of confidence and self-respect.

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By now, most guys know relationship qualifications transcend physical appearances, income, or being captain in bed. Every weekend, you see amazing eligible bachelors or spinsters – who you might have had your eyes on- get hitched with some lady or man and wonder how these individuals got to catch their eyes. It is simple; they were a better catch.

You too can be that amazing person a man or woman would catch a grenade for, just to have you. These are subtle, healthy ways to metamorphose into a perfect catch someone would love to spend the rest of their life with.


Becoming An Awesome Catch

1. Care For Yourself

It is impossible to radiate much beauty, happiness, strength, care to the extent that one’s company becomes essential to someone else if one by himself lacks all of those. It is imperative that you figure what you need to become a happy, confident, active version of yourself.

You have to find a way to reach to the low person inside of you who sees the world as a beautiful space with so much to do in. And you can only do this by taking a moment to look at your life retrospectively, be true to yourself in accepting the realities of who you are right now; this is where you start the journey of what to work on and where to begin.

This includes knowing your weaknesses and embracing them, and determining to harness them into strength; pointing out your strength and using them wisely. If there is any best time to start dealing with your insecurities, it is now.

Taking care of yourself also includes taking care of your health, beauty, and maintaining a good hygiene habit. It is essential that you get more sleep because sleep deprivation affects your mental alertness, energy, mood, and glucose level. Develop new plans for your diet, each good food, vegetables, fruits, and avoid hunger. Exercise as often as you can to keep fit.


2. Avoid Self-Objectification

Putting your beauty, class, money as your primary asset says to the world ‘hell yeah! I’m more object than human’. This may win your attention and attraction (from the wrong people mostly), but it makes it so difficult to see past the animate and connect with the real you. When a person considers you an object and is attracted to you solely because of this, getting bored and disposing of you is easy, especially if you eventually lose that superficial quality.

3. Reduce Your Firewalls

A lot of women and men who carry themselves with high self-esteem and with little trust have issues with having lasting relationships. Soften up; it’s okay. Allow the friendly, fun, trusting side of you to take over. No one wants to date a cold, untrusting, unfeeling stuff, no matter how attractive they are. Let people see your imperfections sometimes; it doesn’t hurt, it only shows that you are human and human is what people want to date, not some strangely scared monkey.

4. Ask Interesting Questions

Communication, if not the most important, is a needful tool for any relationship to last. It is essential that you are a great conversationalist, and this requires skill and practice. If you want to be more interesting, ask interesting questions. Think about questions people would be comfortable answering, questions that would nudge them to open up to you about themselves.


5. Explore

You can’t sit in a cage and know about things happening around the world. When you have an opportunity to travel, take it. Traveling to new places gives you the privilege to see new things, meet people and have more things to talk about. Exploring could also mean reading books to find a deeper meaning to things.

6. Improve  On What You Do Best

We all have things we naturally love doing; painting, writing, knitting, hiking or any other thing. Focus on these things, practice or train more, and you’ll eventually become your clique’s expert in this area.

Know more about any particular issue makes people want to come to you for advice on them. And once they start to come, automatically, respect and recognition are all yours.

7. Try Something New As Often As You Can

Doing something new may include taking dancing or cooking classes, learning to skate or hike, volunteering for community service. Start learning how to do anything at all that you’ve always wanted to do. The internet makes things easier; you can go online to watch video tutorials. The more experiences you have, the more impressive you are and the easier it will be to have something to fuel discussions.

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8. Be A Good Listener

You don’t always have to talk, allow the other person to converse, and listen. People are often more comfortable around someone who listens carefully as they talk and doesn’t cut them off mid-sentences.

Good listener

9. Be Dauntless

Women are more attracted to men who are bold are fearless; some men are attracted to women with same qualities too.

10. Embrace  Your Domestic Side

It doesn’t matter what gender you are; it is essential for you to know how to handle simple domestic works such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and gardening. These are skills that are important for your survival and health. No one wants to date a liability or a person who waits on others to clean up after them.

11. Be Humble

Keeping your ego in check is essential for your relationship to last. Humility is an important ingredient for relationship success. Its association with forgiveness is a powerful tool for healthy relationships.

12. Use The Skills You Have Learned

If you have skills in cooking, writing, dancing, knitting, use them.

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