22 Ways To Avoid A Dead-End Relationship

How To Avoid A Dead-End Relationship

Are you uncertain about the longevity of the relationship you are about to get into or already are in? Then you need to read this.

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We all at the moment in life, especially from teenage-hood to adulthood, have found ourselves falling in love with someone. It is important to know what one wants from the relationship – a lasting relationship or little fling- before putting one’s all into the affair.

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Dead-end relationships are unhealthy relationships that should be discarded quickly. Some of them are toxic and can increase one’s level of anxiety.

How to know if you are in or are about getting into a dead-end relationship:

1. Trust Your Instincts

Trusting your instincts can be uneasy when you are already deeply in love with the person. Nevertheless, trust your inward conviction when you feel that the affair can’t work out. Don’t try to suppress it because of your emotions. When the inner man warns you about the relationship, take heed.



2. Unease

If you are uncomfortable being around this person or doing things you would do with your buddies makes you feel unease with them, then it’s not a relationship you’ll be in for too long.

3. Unfaithfulness

It is often hard to continue with a partner who has cheated once. Some people may choose to forgive a partner who cheated on them and move on. There is always the possibility that a partner who cheated on you or their ex may do it again. Cheating is often a sign of dead-end relationships.

4. Boredom

If being around them is almost similar to being all by yourself in a dark room—boring and tiring. If whatever they do doesn’t interest you, then you are visibly in a dead-end horizon.

5. Lying

You realize that you find it so easy to lie to the person without feeling a tinge of guilt about it or you’ve figured out that they lie about almost everything. Do you want to have a real relationship built on lies?

6. Hanging Out

You would rather stay indoors doing nothing and lie to them about having a lot on your plate than go out with them.


7. Insecurity

Being with them heightens your level of insecurity, and they do not attempt to help you feel comfortable around them.

8. Achievements

You are much ahead of them in your career, and they are still living on a meager income. Even if they feel comfortable around you, you may come to be highly sensitive to this gap.

9. Secrets

When this person keeps a lot of things away from you, wouldn’t tell you about what’s going on in their life at the moment. Or when you don’t feel comfortable sharing your secrets with them, fill them in on what you are doing or what you want to do, then it’s a dead-end relationship.

10. Company

If you enjoy hanging out and going on dates with other people, you prefer conversing and interacting with other people than with this person; then it means that the relationship is going nowhere.

Hanging out

11. Dating Goals

Do you both share the same dating goals? Do you even have dating goals and talk about them? What is this person’s reaction to this?

12. Marriage With Them? No!

If you don’t see yourself getting married to this person or having kids with them, then you are in for a short ride.

13. Conflict

How does this person handle conflict? Are they aggressive, abusive or mature about it?

14. Sexual Relationship

Did your relationship spring out of few good times in bed, and you only got interested in knowing more about each other after first-time sex? Every relationship needs emotional connection just as they need a physical connection. Deficiency of the former happens in dead-end relationships.

15. No Care

When you have little or no care for what the person does with their life, you feel nothing when they flirt in front of you, and you don’t care how they feel when you flirt with other people around them.

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16. Absence Of Respect

Respect is essential in every relationship, no matter how high the intimacy is. Does this person respect your differences, decisions, body, feelings, and career? Someone who is interested in keeping ought to accept you and your values. If they are uninterested in the things that make you happy, things that are important to you, then they are not interested in a long-term relationship with you.

17. When You Start To Question The Longevity Of The Relationship

If you are often in a state of questioning the lifespan of your relationship and wonder if it is at a dead-end, it maybe is.

Break up quote

18. Expression Of Feelings

Are they comfortable expressing their feelings to you and are they honest about it? It is different that someone who is ready to be with you can speak about their deep level of emotions. If they keep their feelings to themselves, then beware.

19. Do They Want To Spend Time With You?

Anyone who is ready for commitment would love to spend time with you and reach out to you, making you know that they enjoy being around you.

They would also initiate spending time together and not wait for you to make all the plans every time. If a person waits around, letting you do most work in the relationship, then they don’t want a long-term affair with you.

20. Are They Aggressive or Abusive?

If your partner throws a tantrum occasionally than usual, hits you or abuses you in any other way, the relationship is bound to hit the rocks anytime.

21. Care

How often does this person check on you? Do they care much about you that they would offer to do things for you? When you need help, how fast do they respond?

22. Love

Do you love each other? How often do you both talk about your feelings? Are there other ways besides sex you express your love?

Those are the few clues to knowing if your relationship is heading nowhere right and it is better to sever the relationship while it is still convenient.

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