12 Ways To Charm The Man You Want

12 Ways To Charm The Man You Want

The dating world can be brutal, and the single life can be rough as well if it’s not something the person wants. Women may feel lonely, rejected, and maybe even frustrated that they just can’t seem to find that dream guy. They may also feel a lack of confidence in their ability to attract a man or charm a man, and some days, it could feel hopeless! But, there is always hope for the future to find that true love. Every woman deserves to have a love that they want, and here are twelve ways to find that man!

Keep in mind that these tips could be used for a specific person, or just in general to attract that special guy.

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#1. Be yourself

OK, this sounds cheesy, but it is oh, so true! We’ve all done that thing where we try to charm a guy we think is the one we want, so we change ourselves. Then, he turns out to be horrible for us, and we are drained from having pretended to be someone else the whole time. It’s a waste of time and pointless! Every woman should just be who she is and feel content about it. That’s attractive! (and charming!)

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#2. Love yourself

When a woman loves herself, it exudes an energy that everybody feels. It shows that she is proud of who she is, and she can be confident in front of men and around men because she doesn’t NEED their approval to love herself. This is difficult for many women, but it is incredibly attractive when a woman is confident and loving towards herself. She’s independent and can get through life on her own, but she would love to have a partner. Guys go crazy for this kind of attitude!

#3. Find hobbies

Yep, get out there and do something. Not only does this give one the chance to go meet new people, especially new men, but it also makes one an interesting and well-rounded person. That way, when meeting new people or when out on new dates, a woman has parts of her life to share and talk about (not just “I went home and sat around, waiting for my true love to come to me”). Plus, if a woman is an anxious, stressed-out person, then having hobbies can pull her focus away from her single situation.

#4. Go out

Yeah, this needs to happen. A woman cannot sit at her home all day and expect to meet people. It just isn’t going to happen. Use internet dating to find dates to go out with, or go out with friends to bars, restaurants, clubs, meetup groups, whatever to get the chance to meet new people. By heading out, it greatly increases the likelihood of meeting someone! Now, that’s just common sense.

#5. Have other friends

This is definitely attractive to both men and women. When their partner has other friends, it shows that they won’t become needy, clingy, or dependent on them, and it also shows that have a full personality and a full life! Now that’s attractive. Plus, one will have other things to talk about on dates!

#6. Don’t be so incredibly available

This relates to the things mentioned above. Sometimes, if single for too long, people get desperate. They’re ready to take ANYONE, and if they find someone, they might want to hold on too tightly. Do not do this. Treat it as something light and fun, in its early stages, and if one person becomes too desperate too quickly, it could scare the man off! And, that’s not charming. The way to attract the man is to show that “Yes, I would love to hang out with you”, but not always. I also have a life. That’s the way to go about it.

#7. Don’t be aloof

But, at the same time, some women take this too far, and they ruin their chances. They become aloof, unintentionally, which is really just an extreme shyness, but it comes off as uninterested, and men won’t try too hard if they don’t think they have a chance. So, ladies, try to find a balance between being too clingy and desperate and overly aloof and unavailable.

#8. Have standards!

Yes! This is so important to remember. Some women think that if they just lower their standards a bit, it will attract more men, and that will make them happy. Well, yes, scientifically that is true. If one opens their net of possibility, more things will enter. But, ladies, decide what is desired and stick with it! Now, I don’t mean a list of 20 personality traits that a MAN must have, but one should definitely think about what standards they have. How soon to have sex? Are they interested in getting married one day? How long do they want to wait for that? How do they expect to be treated? What do they accept and not accept in the bedroom? These may seem like little things now, but in the relationship, they can turn into huge things! Decide standards now, because standards are attractive. If a guy really likes a woman, he will go to great lengths to please her and to win her.

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#9. Be kind

This is an old, lost trait, but it is never out of season. A woman who is kind, caring, and compassionate is so attractive and charming to any person, not just a man. One should show kindness and respect to those around them no matter who they are or what they do, and they will charm a man.

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#10. Stay positive

This tip is two-fold. First, who wants to hang out with a dreary, Eeyore-type person? Yes, depression is a real thing, and it needs to be dealt with, but I’m talking about that negative, poisonous personality type of person. This type of woman is not charming or attractive and will have a hard time finding someone. Be a woman that has positive things to say about people and events, and wants to keep her chin up. Second, stay positive about the whole dating situation. Don’t give up! Once one goes down the path of negativity, it can be hard to come back.

#11. Don’t put the man on a pedestal

Women should be the ones thinking, “Why shouldn’t he like me?” instead of always thinking “He doesn’t like me” or “He’s too good for me”. This isn’t about being cocky, it’s about believing in oneself, that a man would be happy to love them or be in a relationship with them. Go in with that kind of mindset, and it helps drain away the nervousness and negativity that can really tear hope apart and tear a potential new relationship down! Plus, it’s super attractive when the man knows the girl can see he’s not perfect, and wants to see him put forth some good effort.

#12. Just relax and give things a try

This is all we can do, right? We just have to get out there and try it, and see how things go. But, it’s important to just relax. People who are extremely worried about it and tense about it, will bring a nervous stressed person to dates. And, that’s not charming and can scare a man off! Just chill, just relax, and have fun. That kind of woman shows she can have fun, and it also shows her confidence. Now, what’s not charming about that?

Give these dating tips a try to charm Prince Charming! Chill out, have fun, be confident, stay positive, be kind, and have a life! With these tips, a woman can find the man of her dreams!

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