4 Tips For Commitment and Monogamy

Just How Important is Commitment to a Relationship?

Have you ever had an open relationship? Or maybe you have wondered how it would be to see other people while you are still in a relationship with someone you truly love.

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You might ask yourself these questions and also wonder, if it is possible to spend your life being truly committed to one person. Read further and find out how important commitment is to a relationship.

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7 Ways To Commit

1. What it means to commit?

Being in a committed and permanent relationship means that you and your partner have decided that your union is the most important thing. You both set aside your personal needs and understand the importance of your relationship.



Only when you both have mutually come to this decision, you can create intimacy and deep trust with each other. Without these two things, no relationship can survive. Of course, when one person is not committed to the relationship, it gets weaker. The lack of trust makes it harder for both partners to get over differences,

Of course, when one person is not committed to the relationship, it gets weaker. The lack of trust makes it harder for both partners to get over differences, conflicts, and stress.

2. But what about the personal needs?

For some people “till death do us part” sounds like a life sentence. If you or your partner feel imprisoned in the relationship, it is not good for any of you. You both should be willing and excited to spend the rest of your life with someone who you love so much. But, what if the relationship you are in can’t provide you with what you need?

There will always be times when you and your partner are not able to give each other everything you need. But if the root of your relationship is strong, you will be able to get past it. Commitment is what provides your relationship with the necessary strength. If you trust each other completely, you will find your way back to each other, even in the toughest moments.

3. What does cheating mean for you and your partner?

This question might seem silly to some people. For you perhaps cheating means thinking about someone else than your partner or kissing someone. But maybe your partner has another opinion about it. Maybe they believe that casual sex with someone else doesn’t necessarily signify cheating.

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It is essential to communicate with your partner and talk about these issues. Before you enter a committed relationship, you need to talk about the basic rules. If your beliefs are different, you will be able to adjust your expectations. It might turn out that you are both on the same page, or that your belief system is completely different.

4. What commitment provides you?

When you agree on a committed relationship, both you and our partner enter an agreement. You agree to be in a relationship filled with trust and intimacy. Now you both can be sure where you stand and have certain expectations of your partner.

Of course, commitment can take some effort from both partners, but it is worth to maintain a healthy relationship. If you or your partner still wants to date other people, maybe it is not the right time for you to be together. Or perhaps you both are not the right person for each other. Commitment is what makes a relationship strong therefore it should be your priority.

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