8 Clear Signs He Is About To Call It Quits

8 Signs You Are Going To Get Dumped

When it comes to love, people are normally afraid to face the facts as they are. Love hurts, this is one of the facts that lovers are made to believe. In most cases, people tend to see their love through rose-colored glasses. This implies that they tend to put away any negative thoughts that they might have in mind relating to their relationships.

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The hope that they have in mind is that one day the negative feelings might subside or that good things might come their way if at all they compromise. Well, indeed, it is good to be patient when it comes to love, but there are certain signs that one should be wary of when they are in any relationship.

These signs could indicate to you that your partner is ready to step out of the relationship. Read on for more insight into this.

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1. He is avoiding you

Breaking up with your partner might sound like an easy task to do. However, there are lovers out there who are normally afraid of the entire process.

Therefore, some choose to go numb. If your partner begins to avoid you from time to time, then you need to be worried. This could include canceling the plans that you had initially made or simply avoiding serious conversations from being talked about. This is a red flag that he is ready to step out of the affair.

2. He went from communicating to not communicating

Communication is the key to a blissful relationship. This is not a new thing that lovers should be reminded about. Part of this communication entails frequent conversation with each other.

This could include regularly checking on each other to know how you are doing. In the digital environment that we live in, people choose to communicate through social media pages or simply through texting. If your partner has been doing all of this and changes all of a sudden, then you ought to be worried.

Avoiding frequent communication with you could be an indication that they have lost interest in you. Thus, it is imperative to watch out for such signs before getting serious with your lover.

3. The future seems impossible

Another clear sign that would tell a thousand words about your relationship is discussions about your future. At the beginning of the relationship, the chances are that you guys kept talking about the best things that might happen to your bond shortly.

For instance, you might have talked about the number of kids you might have. Also, you might have talked about getting married and settling down together in a peaceful place. Well, have these dreams become too dreamy? If your partner suddenly avoids talking about the future, then he might be showing you signs of leaving you.

4. He keeps hurting your feelings

At the beginning of your relationship, your lover might have been careful not to hurt your feelings in any way. Indeed, this is a good thing.

This keeps the love burning as one feels as though they are cared for in a good way. When this changes suddenly and that your lover keeps hurting you then it shows that they are about to call it quits. In this case, your lover could become abusive and aggressive.

This is an indication of disgust when they see you. If things do not change too soon, you need to leave this man before he leaves you wounded.

5. Changed priorities

It is a sad feeling when you find out that your partner now makes decisions without involving you. Additionally, there are instances where they might no time for you in the relationship. If your bae was hanging with you during the weekends and this suddenly changes, then you should be concerned.

6. Increased feelings of depression

He may choose to hang out with his friends from time to time; which is ok. However, if a pattern develops and that you are not in his picture, then he might be avoiding you for good.

This is a bad sign that he has lost interest in the company that you offer. Before leaving the relationship, it is recommended that you try your best to spice up the relationship before it gets out of hand.

Being in love could be regarded as one of the best things in life. Nonetheless, the path to true love has got its sheer of challenges. The road is always bumpy, and few make it to the end where they share their vows. When your love suddenly turns into depression, this should be taken as a red flag.

Constant feelings as though you are alone in the relationship should never be neglected. Such signs indicate that there is something wrong in your relationship. Word of advice; seek professional help as soon as possible.

7. Sex is no-longer worth craving for

Another sign that could indicate your relationship is on edge is when sex is no longer worth craving for. At first, your man might have been the Leo-type guy where you have sex all the time. This might have been the recipe for a happy relationship that kept both of you going.

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When this man changes and you no longer have the same cravings for sex, this is an indication that something is off. This happens to most love affairs, and you should not walk away at first sight of such signs. Give your partner some time. They might be going through some personal problems.

8. He doesn’t care about his looks

The first time you met him; it was love at first sight. The chances are that you might have fallen for him simply because of his looks. Grooming oneself is one of the surest ways of winning the heart of a woman. When depression steps into the relationship, your man might begin to show signs that he wants out.

He might show up at your friend’s party in his sweatpants. Similarly, his interest in losing weight could be thrown out of the window. Such signs could mean that he is tired of impressing you. Well, he doesn’t care anymore.


As lovers say; it takes two to tangle. When your love takes a different turn, and you gain the feeling as though you are in your world, perhaps it is time to walk away. Life is short to spend it with someone that is always ready to leave. Go out there and find love.

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