10 Marriage Rules You Will Never Learn In School

10 Marriage Rules You Will Never Learn In School

Now that you are getting married, there is a good chance that you consider this to be the happiest moment in your life. Well, to most people, it certainly is. But before you get crazy happy over the issue, there are certain things that you need to know about marriage. First, it is imperative to understand that the journey would not be easy. Some have been successful whereas some have failed. As a result, to follow the right track, several marriage rules will govern you.

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1. Do Not Remain A Neophyte

Yes, considering the fact that you are married for the first time, this means that you will also find the experience as something new to you. Here is a tip to keep in mind; do not stay in this stage for too long. This is where most new lovebirds make huge mistakes that in the end cost their marriage.

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Get over the fact that you are new to marriage and learn quickly on the do’s and don’ts of your relationship. For instance, you should learn to understand the manner in which your mother in law communicates. Similarly, you should not be ignorant of your lover’s tastes. These are small things that will only cost your marriage in the long run. Never criticize your partner’s friends or parents

2. Be Ready To Make New Friends

When entering a marriage relationship, it is important to note that you would also be meeting new people from your partner’s world. This is a huge step. You should be ready to make friends with people that you have not been used to. Your partner expects this from you. By falling in love with his friends and family, this would mean that you are showing compromise in the relationship. Remember, efforts should come from both sides in trying to show that your lover appreciates the friends and family you have. The last thing you should do is to despise them.

3. Accept That You Have Your Differences

Rule number three is to accept your differences in your relationship. Once lovers get hitched together, they begin to realize that there are certain personality traits that they never noticed when they were dating each other. Well, this should not be a reason to pack your bags and leave. Keep in mind that you are also different.

Consequently, take your time to understand your lover’s strengths and weakness, likes, and dislikes and much more. This would open up your relationship in ways that you will never understand. For example, you should be aware of their best foods and those that they hate. Undeniably, when it comes to sex, you should also know about the sex positions that they find preferable. All these will spice up your marriage. This is because your lover would always consider you as the only one person in this world that understands them.

4. Don’t Be A Know-It-All Type

Whether you are in the courtship stage or you are planning to get married, it is always irritating to keep up with an individual that behaves as though they know everything. Certainly, your lover expects you to point out when they are doing something wrong. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should always correct them. A good advice is to let your partner make their decisions from time to time. It is from this trial and error that they would learn. Doing the corrections now and then would seem as though you are simply criticizing your partner; which is not good.

5. Talk About Your Past Relationships

The mere fact that you are tying the knot implies that you have decided to settle down together for the long haul. This, therefore, demands that you know everything there is to know about your partner. For example, how did they fare with their past lovers? Do they live nearby? Are they still friends? These are some of the things that haunt marriages later on if kept in secret. Relationship experts recommend that if there is nothing to hide in your relationship, then you should be honest about past relationships.

6. Play Together

A golden recipe for a lasting marriage is to find an activity to engage in with your partner. This could be a sport that you both love doing. For instance, hiking, boat riding, rock climbing, etc. could work. Making your relationship exciting is one step into a happy marriage. The only way to do this is by enjoying each other’s company while having fun together.

7. Remember: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Most marriages that succeed in the end have the attribute of appreciating each other’s presence. Your partner is not there to criticize you for the mistakes that you are doing. If you are falling into problems that affect your marriage, this is a situation that should be handled by you as a couple. Sit down together and find a way out. Getting married means that you should share ideas on the best ways of tackling life. Always keep this in mind that you would see miracles occurring in your love life.

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8. Find A Way Of Communicating

Perhaps you have been told this a thousand times. Well, it is important to stress on why this is essential for a blissful marriage. Communicating with your lover clears the air for your relationship. Your affair would have the right platform to share anything that bothers you. Relationships that easily fail are those where partners fail to communicate. One of you feels that there is something that pains them, but they keep this to themselves. Doing this destroys your marriage gradually. When the weight is too heavy for you, rest assured that your partner would also find it difficult to contain it. So, communicate!

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9. Respect Each Other

In the digital world that we live in today, there are all sorts of privacy issues. This occurs mostly through the digital devices that we communicate with. Your last thing that your lover needs will be for you to keep prying on their smartphones going through their messages. This shows lack of trust. Give your partner the space that they need. Respect them, and they would respect you back.

10. Never Quit

Lastly, never quit in your relationship. Yes, there are instances where you might feel that you cannot take it anymore. However, gather strength to move on. A right way of keeping the love burning is by doing the little things that are expected of you. Kiss your lover good night every day and tell them how much they mean to you. You could also choose to renew your marriage vows every year just to keep yourself on track. All these mentioned rules work hand in hand. Therefore, find a way of blending them in your marriage.

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