15 Ways To Know If It Is True Love

15 Ways To Know If It Is True Love

People often question if what they have is true love or just lust. Everyone loves having a good time short term, but also wants to find someone for the long haul. It can be hard to determine what you have is true love or just a fling. But with patience and a sharp intuition, you can eventually know if it is true love or not. If you want something more substantial, look for these 15 ways to know if it is true love.

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1. It Stands The Test Of Time

After the initial honeymoon period, some relationships will dull in sheen as reality sets in. True love is the same; the rose-colored glasses will wear off. However, unlike a fling, every day still feels like you are in the honeymoon period. You seem to be in love more and more as time passes, then it might be true love after all. There are many real love stories about how couples are celebrating being married to each other for more than fifty years, that is special.

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2. You Stop Looking

When you find true love, you instinctive stop looking around for more potential candidates. There is a myth about God splitting the perfect being into two, so they spent all their lives looking for their mates. It is only natural for someone to stop looking once true love arrives. If you are looking, it might be for something that your partner likes. You are no longer interested in potential romantic relationships.

3. You Feel Safe

True love makes you feel safe because you know that you belong together. That emotional and spiritual feeling of being complete is a safe feeling. When you find your true love, you know that nothing will come between the two of you. Finding true love makes you stronger as well because you have someone who will support you. Incidentally, you want to be a better person, so that you can keep your partner safe and happy.

4. You Want to Grow Together

Not only growing old together, but you also want to grow up with your true love. You want to know everything about your true love, and also learn how to do things together. That is because you belong in each other’s lives, and so you both want to grow together as a unit. The thought of spending all that time together makes you happy, and being apart makes you empty. So you will want to grow with your true love.

5. You Work Well Together

Like Bonnie and Clyde, that is how true love will feel like. You know how each other works, what each other wants. Working together feels natural, and you can achieve a lot more by being a unit. Everyone you know will comment on how well you both work together. In the kitchen or the office, you get things done quickly, and you know what each other expects. Life is great when you work with your true love because it becomes easier.

6. You Are Happier

Things are never better when you find your true love. Even the simple things will make you smile because you are content. Finding true love is a difficult process. Hence, it is natural to feel content and happy when you do find it. Better still, you both will be happier because you have found each other. It will be hard to wipe that dopey, happy smile off your face.

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7. You Want To Spread The Happiness

People always say that people in love are annoying because they want to spread the happiness they have around. Love and happiness are something that you want to share when you find it; it is natural to want everyone you care about the experience the buoyant feeling. However, do not push too hard if people are not ready for it. It is acceptable to want to spread happiness, forcing it on people is another issue.

8. It Is Not Just About Sex

When you find true love, physical intimacy is just a facet of your relationship. You want to make your true love happy, emotionally as well. The sex is great, but you also want fulfillment mentally and spiritually. True love makes you greedy, wanting more of each other. That feeling does not go away, even after the honeymoon period.

9. No Secrets

You simply want to share everything with your true love. It is not that you want to keep secrets, you just want your true love to know the real you. Similarly, you also want to know everything about your partner. That is why it is tough to keep a secret from your true love because you want to share everything.

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10. You Have Disagreements, Not Fights

Every relationship will have disagreements, but fights and arguments are not the way you will settle things. Instead, you will choose to talk things out and figure out a way to settle problems. When you find true love, both parties have no trouble finding middle ground or compromise, because your partner is important to you.

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11. You Start Sharing The Same Vision

Before finding true love, you have a goal. When you find your true love, your goal does not change; you just have an extra one. True love partners will share the same goal because they understand their partner’s needs and dreams. You know that it is true love when you share a shared vision.

12. You Accept The Imperfections

When you find true love, you see past the flaws. Your true love is perfectly imperfect, and you seem to think that you are perfect for each other. You do not put your partner on a pedestal, thinking that everything about your partner is perfect. You know that your true love is imperfect, but you love it anyway.

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13. You Communicate Well

Finishing each other’s sentences without thinking, or a look will communicate all the feelings. When you do that with someone, you know that it is true love. Just like how you and your siblings can send messages with a wink, you and your true love can ‘talk’ using gestures or eye contact alone.

14. You Stop Flirting With Other People

When you find true love, it is a fulfillment. You know that it is true love when you stop flirting with other people. You will still tease, but only with your partner. It is not because your partner gets jealous, but you feel that you prefer to romance with your true love, not other people. Sometimes when people flirt with you, you have the urge to shut it down, because you do not need attention from others.

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15. You Want To Have A Future

Suddenly, the prospect of settling down and have a family seems like a good idea. If you are a commitment phobia, and you want to have babies with this person, it is true love. You want to spread the love to the little beings that you will be creating with your partner, that is true love.

So, you know that it is true love when you cannot stop loving the person you are with, which is why true love marriages last a long time. Because, people feel complete and satisfied once they have found their other half, and will work together to remain a unit.

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