8 Flirting Tips for the Gym

8 Flirting Tips for the Gym

Going to the gym is definitely a good way to get in shape. But it can also be a wonderful opportunity to meet someone. Have you ever tried to flirt at the gym? It can be very easy since you already have something in common- your favorite gym. Read further and find out the tips for flirting at the gym.

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1. Be prepared

The gym is not the most traditional place to flirt, but it can be a perfect one if you take your time. You have probably noticed someone you are interested in.

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Check to see if they are coming together with someone, or perhaps you can join a class they are taking. A little bit of preparing will only work to your benefit.

2. Start slowly

You don’t want to scare another person away by being too pushy. Start with just saying hi when you see them, or simply smile at them- you have already seen each other around, so why not greet.

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3. Ask for help

If you are not sure if the other person is interested in you, start the conversation with something neutral. Ask them to help you out with some advice.

Either it is how to use the new running machine, or how to stretch that muscle that has been aching for a while. By asking for help, you will have started the conversation, and it might lead you to a date.

4. Get noticed

If you want to find your next partner at the gym, it is time you get noticed too. Try always to look great, even if you are sweating.


Try wearing red- this color will make you stand out and look great. Also, pay attention to how you position yourself. Make sure that you are easy to approach. This might mean leaving your music player at home.

5. Focus on the workout

If you want to flirt with someone at the gym, choose your timing. Don’t be too obvious-your first task at the gym is to work out.

If you focus on the training, you will make a good impression. Flirting with someone during a class is not a great idea- you will most likely annoy the other person.

6. Compliment

Complimenting definitely sets a positive mood on the conversation. We all go to the gym to get healthier and look better.

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In this situation complimenting someone will definitely make them feel even better. And it will certainly start a conversation with this person.

7. Suggest a competition

A friendly and fun way to flirt with someone at the gym is to suggest a competition. It will be fun and can benefit your workouts. If you are next to someone on a treadmill, suggest a little race. If you will not find yourself a date, you might just find a gym buddy.


8. Ask them out

When you are leaving the gym, it might be the right time to ask someone out. Don’t hang around too much to wait for your perfect moment. But if the opportunity is there, take it and invite them to join you for a coffee.

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