10 Ways to Charm a Girl on the First Date

10 Ways to Charm a Girl on the First Date

The first date is always a significant moment. If your first date is lucky, it might lead to many more. A new relationship is very fragile, and the first impression plays a big role. Read about these ten tips on how to charm a girl on the first date. Use them, and you will highly likely have a chance for a next date.

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1. Look good

As simple as it seems, looking good on your first date is very important. Women pay a lot of attention to details. If you are dressed for the occasion and you are well groomed, she will be fascinated. It shows that you care about how you look and are trying your best for this date.

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2. Be a gentleman

This goes not only for your first date but for the rest of your life. Women appreciate chivalry. Simply opening the door for her or taking her jacket will earn you a lot of points. These things are so easy to do, but many men forget about it. Treating her like a lady will only make your date better.

3. Forget about your phone

When you go on a first date, make sure that she is the most important thing for you at the time. If you are constantly checking your phone and reading messages, it will not impress her. It shows that your mind is somewhere else and you are interested in other things more than you are drawn to this girl. Leave your phone in your pocket and pay attention to your date.

4. Be positive

To make a good first impression try to be as positive as you can. If you keep on being negative about everything and complain, your date will want to run away as fast as she can. If you disagree with the views of your date, don’t try to convince her otherwise. Keep negativity out of your conversation.

5. Beware of drinking too much

Alcohol can help you to unwind the conversation. Too much alcohol during your date can be a turn-off, especially if your date doesn’t drink at all. Getting drunk will make a bad first impression, and you will probably say things you will later regret.

6. Keep the conversation going

The conversation will be the biggest part of this meeting. To keep it going, avoid using one worded answers, like “yes” or “no” but add more to it. Ask her questions and listen to what she has to say, before giving your opinion.

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7. Choose things to tell

On your first date, you really need to think about what you can or cannot tell your date. There are just some things that should be kept to you until a later time. Don’t lie to your date but filter what you are saying. For example, topics like your partying history or previous relationships are better left for when you already know each other well.

8. Relax and be confident

The first date is stressful for the both of you. Remember that you are seeing each other because you are both interested. Find a way to relax and simply be yourself. She will enjoy that you are confident and reassuring. Even if you are going crazy on the inside, don’t show it to her.

9. Bring a gift

Bringing a gift to your first date is an excellent way to impress her. It shows that you have thought about your date and prepared for it. A small, simple gift, like flowers or candy, will melt her heart and make you both more relaxed.

10. Show physical affection

If you feel like your date has gone great, don’t be afraid to show physical affection. Holding her hand while you walk her home can be a step towards your future dates. And don’t forget about a kiss in the end. If your date is perfect, don’t be afraid to kiss her goodbye.

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