8 Signs He Is Cheating On You

8 Signs He Is Cheating On You

It is quite funny that women need to be reminded that their men are cheating on them. Undeniably, there are instances where men cheat on women but their loved ones fail to realize that they are slowly slipping off in this relationship. In this case, it might take a woman ages to realize that their man is cheating with their girlfriend. The worst happens when you realize this too late when they are already planning for their wedding. When this happens, a woman begins to recollect on some of the signs that they missed while dating.

Below are some signs that could clearly indicate to you that something is fishy in your relationship.

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1. He Is Too Busy On His Phone

Texting and chatting over social media pages has become a norm in today’s society. Nonetheless, this does not give your man the right to spend hours on his smartphone texting. Surprisingly, you might find that he is texting while making smiles that he is happy. Well, certainly, this might not directly indicate that your man is cheating with another woman. It could also mean that he is busy conversing with other important people and you are not among them. Therefore, when it comes to using his phone, ensure that you raise your eyebrows on what might be going on.

2. He Now Prefers To Go Out More Often

The mere fact that you have lived with a man for more than two years implies that you know him well. Thus, when he gradually prefers to go out more often than usual, this could raise alarm. What has suddenly changed over the past two years that he now goes out frequently? The same friends that he had last year are the ones he has this year. Consequently, you need to be wary of a lady being in the picture.

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3. Does He Switch His Phone To Airplane Mode?

Switching your phone to airplane mode when you are in a meeting or busy at some place is excusable. Nonetheless, why should he turn his phone to airplane mode when you are sitting beside him? Chances are that there is something he is hiding. This normally happens when you request to glance at the pictures you just took when out in a picnic. If he gives you that gaze that you might be prying on him, rest assured that your man is cheating behind your back.

4. He Suddenly Works For Longer Hours

When your man works for longer hours during certain days of the week, this is a sign that they are doing their best to provide for the family. On the contrary, when their working hours suddenly change and they are never there to spend time with you, this is a red flag. There is a high probability that he is working longer hours on catching up with his new prey.

Similarly, you should also worry when their expenses suddenly shoot. Perhaps your man was not used to drinking a lot. Out of the blues, he spends longer hours at work or claiming that he has been having fun with his friends from work. These are just mere excuses that could fool you if you are not careful.

5. He Fails To Notice You Anymore

Do you remember how your man treated you when you were just new couples? There is a high likelihood that he used to notice anything good or bad that you choose to wear. During such periods, they are always there to recommend certain outfits that would make you look stunning. When this behavior changes and your man fails to notice you anymore, watch out. He might have got his attention busy somewhere else. In this case, you might settle on anything rugged to wear and he would not notice. This is an unmistakable sign that he is probably cheating on you.

6. Your Friends and Family Are Warning You

Where there is smoke, there is fire. The moment your friends and family show interest in your relationship and begin warning you about your lover, please heed in to their advice. One thing you ought to understand is that they want the best for you. Thus, there is a minimal chance that they want you to breakup with your partner. Rather, they simply wish that you could open your eyes and see what is going on behind your back.

7. He Is Overly Nice To You

If your man has suddenly began playing the nice card on you then your relationship is set for a huge downfall. It is important to note that he might have found another sidekick that makes him happier. This means that they have their emotions on a high level and they could do anything to please you. On the other hand, your man might be having feelings of guilt.

To free themselves from these chains, they would try to compensate by being nice to you. Consequently, when your man is extremely nice to you, please do not be overjoyed. Consider this as a warning sign that something might be burning in your affair.

8. Too Many Unsaved Numbers on His Phone

The manner in which your man uses his mobile phone could clearly reveal to you whether they are serious with you or not. As pointed out above, he could choose to place his phone in airplane mode. Also, he might be too consumed on his phone. Well, keeping these in mind, your lover could also have several numbers that are unsaved on his mobile phone. This is another sign he is a cheater.

These numbers could belong to his lady friends that he normally flirts with. Failing to save them is just a safety measure that will bar you from realizing what is happening. When you question about the person calling or texting, all you will hear is; “it is a new number!” Do not be fooled.


Getting played is something that occurs right under your nose. Do not expect your man to cheat on you while you are noticing it. He would rely on the most obvious reasons to play with you.

Amazingly, these are some of the signs that women normally overlook. If you never knew, now you know. You can also take time to find out the compatibility aspects of your relationship by using the cosmic love calculator.

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