10 Interesting Marriage Facts

10 Interesting Marriage Facts

Marriage can be a wonderful thing. Have you ever wondered where the idea has come from?  This ancient tradition dates back to Egyptian and Roman empires. Some of the traditions are still present. Read about the 10 most interesting marriage facts and see for yourself.

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#1. Kiss to close the deal

We are used to seeing a new couple kiss after they have said the word “yes” and exchanged the rings. It turns out that this tradition comes from ancient times. In ancient Rome kiss was a legal bond that sealed a contract therefore the tradition was born. The tradition of exchanging rings comes from ancient Egypt.

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#2. When to move in together

Living together can tell you a lot about the other person. But a recent study found, that couples who move in together before engagement have a higher risk of divorce. Try this FLAMES love test.

#3. What is most important

What is most important to you in your marriage? By surveying married couples, researchers have found out that for spouses the most important thing is trust. Besides that, people also often name friendship, laughter, forgiveness and compatibility as important parts of the marriage.

#4. Does marriage make you happy?

Do you believe you will feel happier after you get married? In a 15 year long study, researchers found that the level of person’s happiness before wedding is the best predictor for future happiness. Basically, getting married will not make you happier than you already are.

#5. Cost of marriage

Your dream wedding probably includes a lot of things, which put together can cost a lot. Turns out that couples who spend a lot of money on their weddings also have a higher divorce rate. In US the average cost of wedding is $ 20,000 – same as a divorce. It might be time to reconsider some of your plans. Find your lucky marriage date.

#6. Free choice or arrangement?

In many cultures it is popular to arrange a marriage. In India, 74% of the youth still prefer their marriage to be arranged than to have a free choice. Statistics also say that divorce rates are also lower in arranged marriages.

#7. Best time to get married

Statistically, divorce rates are significantly higher for people who have married before the age of 25 years. Divorce rates are much lower when partners get married between ages 28 and 32. Age difference between partners also has its influence. If the woman is older than the man, divorce rates are also higher. However, this does not apply if the man is older.

#8. How much time do spouses spend together?

You might have been married for many years, but how much time do you actually spend together? Researchers have found that because of being busy at work, having children and other responsibilities, couples spend only average of 4 minutes alone together every day. Imagine how dramatically your marriage can improve if you spend more time together. Test your marriage compatibility.

#9. Promoting satisfaction

There are a number of things you want in your life. As it turns out, marriage can be the most satisfying of them all. Researchers have found that when compared with money, having children and sex, marriage brings the most satisfaction. Also, married couples accumulate 77% more savings than singles.

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#10. Marriage and sex life

Statistically the average married couple has sex 58 times a year – that´s just a little bit more than once a week. At the same time, around 10% of couples live in marriages with little or no sex at all.


Marriage will definitely change your life. As you can see, there are a lot of factors that can influence your married life. If you enter a marriage as a happy person, you will certainly only gain from it.

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