Dating a Bodyguard – 7 Tips For a Perfect Match!

7 Tips For Dating A Bodyguard

Relationships are never an easy task. But, it becomes even more difficult if you date a public figure or someone in a particular field of work. This can be said of dating a bodyguard. This is almost the same as dating a cop or soldier. The only difference is a high profile bodyguard can be very demanding. If you find yourself dating a bodyguard, this is how to go about it.

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1. Trust is Essential when Dating a Bodyguard

No relationship can last without faith. Yes, trust is the solid foundation on which a relationship can be built. A high profile bodyguard travels a lot. He may be guarding a politician or a celebrity, so moving from one country to the other is a constant thing.

He deals with all kinds of women during such travel. So, the probability of cheating on you may be very high. However, trust in your partner that he wouldn’t any such thing just as you don’t when he travels. Maintaining this high level of trust can prevent misunderstanding over minor issues.

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2. Don’t cut the Communication

The fact that he is not around doesn’t mean you should cut all forms of communication until he returns home. Never seize to communicate, especially when he is out of the country. It is understandable that his job is very demanding and he cannot be on the phone for long. But you can find other means to communicate.

The use of text messages or apps like Whatsapp, IMO, and Skype can save the day. Your partner doesn’t provide 24 security. So, when he has closed for the day, you can do video calls. Seeing each other on the screen and having a good talk can cure the loneliness.

3. Know when to Call Him

He may not be okay with you calling during working hours. Per his job, long personal calls may not be entertained. So, know when to call him. When is he outside your country, you need to be familiar to know the time zone of the country he is. This is because morning at your end may be an evening in that country. You can call at the right time once you know the time difference.

4. Spend Quality time when Together

You don’t know his next trip, nor does he. He can be asked to prepare for a trip anytime, and he cannot do anything about it. So, whenever you guys are together making the most out of it. Spend quality and memorable time together whenever he returns from a trip. He has missed you just as you have missed him. You can out on a date, go to concerts or sporting event. I mean anything that makes you happy.

5. Safety is key when Dating a Bodyguard

Bodyguards are security cautious. They take security measures to protect their family and loved one. He wouldn’t be providing security for clients while his security is at stake. So, bear with him when he decides to install CCT cameras at all vantage places in your home. This is for your security.

6. Don’t Complain about His Job

You would have the right to complain about his job only if he lied to about it when proposing or dated you before going into such a job. But if this is the opposite, you have no right to be complaining about his job because you knew what you were going in for.

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He has been a bodyguard for about five years before meeting you, and that is what has been paying his bills. So complaining about it, is like asking him not to work. You can offer your advice as a caring partner, but complaining may not be entertained.

7. You can Lose Him at Anytime

This may sound worrying, but it is a fact. Just as a soldier or cop die on duty, your partner can also die on duty. This mostly happens to bodyguards who work for politicians or top business people. Some businessmen deal in drugs and weapons, and this kind of business is dangerous. Apart from the national security forces always pursuing such people, there are sometimes violent within these cartels. So, if your partner finds himself guarding such a business person, he may die without you seeing his corpse.

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