Dating a Chef – Important Facts

Most Delicious Reasons for Dating A Chef

For someone like me, dating a chef would be welcome news. If you are a foodie like me or not, then here are reasons to consider dating a chef. Let me share one of my experience with you, and please don’t laugh. I am a foodie and love any kind of food. Like Oliver Twist, I always want more. One evening I sneaked into the kitchen to have extra food because I had an edge for it, even though I had eaten a lot a few hours earlier.

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While in the kitchen, I heard someone approaching, so I had to hide to prevent being caught. But it was my mum, and she came for water from the fridge. So luckily, she didn’t see me, so I was happy. But the worse experience was just some few seconds away. Unfortunately, for me, she locked the kitchen while leaving so I was trapped. I had to sleep in the kitchen that night, and mosquitoes became my companions, coupled with the heat. Since then, I’ve decided never to steal food again.

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1. The Heart is Through the Stomach

If you agree or disagree, but the true path to one’s heart is through the stomach. So, after a sumptuous meal, the heart becomes receptive. Good food can calm the nerves down and can even make an angry partner sober. Then your chef partner would serve you with goods meals.

2. Communication when Dating a Chef

So, food can be a starter for great conversation. When one is enjoying good food, he/she begins to open up. So, you will always have something to discuss with your partner during a date. When you can talk about his signature dish, how to prepare it, and the many things that happen in the kitchen. So, there will never be a break in communication, which is an important tool for every relationship.

3.  Cook for You

How lovely it is to see your partner prepare your favorite meal without breaking a sweat. As already said, food is the gateway to the heart. You will be spoilt with good meals from your partner, and you will feel pampered.

4. Know the Best Restaurants in Town

Your dates out will never be with tasteless food when you are dating a chef. Aside from his or her restaurant, they know other restaurants that serve finger-licking and mouth-watering dishes. So, your dates would always be a new experience.

5. Adventurous

Chefs always take risks in the kitchen. While some become an unforgettable experience, others go pretty well. They experiment with new dishes every time, and that can be a great risk to take, but they do it anyway.

In the end, they can derive a signature meal, and that becomes the most sought for the dish in the restaurant. Their adventurous nature can be translated into their dating life. You will have a great experience dating a chef.

6. Use You for their Experiments

Hence, just as scientists’ uses mice and guinea pigs for their experiments, but your partner will use you in their dish and recipe experiments. So you will be the first to taste a new dish or recipe they want to introduce. But this can be a wonderful experience. It makes you an important figure in your partner’s job.

7. Creativity at its Best when Dating a Chef

Normally, all chefs are creative beings. For them to be able to combine all sort of ingredients to prepare something the tongue will for ever yearn for is on its own a mark of creativity. But, they think outside the box to bring something new to the table, and they have proven to be masters in that aspect.

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8.  Independent

When you are sick and tired of dating clingy people, try a chef. They work for long hours in the kitchen so won’t have the time to send 100 messages a day as your former partner use to do. This makes every meeting special since you’ve missed each other. So if you are the type who values your independence, try dating a chef.

9.  Teach You New Cooking Methods

Dating a chef can be a great learning experience. If your cooking skill would be sharpened, you will learn new cooking methods from your partner. If you can even use what you learn to start a small eatery. So, you can brag to your friend about your ability to cook new dishes.

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10. Being Patient is inscribed in Them

When chefs know that 10 minutes is 10 minutes and won’t increase the heat to get food cook faster. Then they can keep their cool even if a client is impatient. But, they will rather lose that client than to serve them bad food. So, if you have such a partner, you are saved from pressures.

If you are convinced with the above points, then begin your search for a that hot looking chef for a better dating experience.

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