Dating a Diver – Things to Watch Out!

Dating A Diver – Get Ready For Excitement!

Scuba divers are awesome and fun to be with. Being time conscious, good communicators and nature-friendly are but a few of their qualities. Nonetheless, he would have to leave you home for diving sometimes, which you should put into consideration. If you dream of dating a diver, go ahead. But, before you do, so there are some things you need to know about them. At least it will help you understand them better and improve your relationship. Here are some reasons to date a scuba diver.

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1. They are Time Cautious

A scuba diver will always be on time for a date. Yes, they may even be there some minutes earlier without any disappointment. This is mainly because of their training. In diving, lateness is never tolerated in any way.

They know how important it is to catch a boat on time, as no captain will tolerate any form of lateness from a diver. They also get aboard on time to get a good parking spot and assess the boat for good performance. This discipline becomes part of them, and they emulate it in real life. So when dating a diver, you know you have a timekeeper who will never keep you waiting when you have a date.

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2. Good Planners

Good planning and scuba divers are synonymous. When going for diving, they plan well to ensure that all equipment, including gas supply, diving profile and all other related items are intact. Just as in diving, they can translate these qualities into their dating life. They can plan everything related to their relationship and do that perfectly.

3. Less Vocal Communication More Gestures

A diver can communicate perfectly with you without anyone having a clue about what is happening. Yeah, divers  hardly communicate verbally when underwater and are therefore used to using gestures or sign language. The usage of the gestures is for smooth communication with colleague divers, as they cannot remove their oxygen mask to talk.

Divers, therefore, try to translate this into their dating life. They wouldn’t want you to be calling and frequently texting in a day. During a date, he/she will use more gesture in communicating with no one getting to know. At that boring movie or friends gathering, they can prompt you to leave using the eyes. The bad news is that they understand every gesture you also make to friends. So, be careful when using signs with friends.

4. They are Eco-Friendly and Love the Ocean and Waters

If they don’t, love the ecosystem, then they have no business being under the waters. Just as you protect things you love, so do divers. They love nature and take good care of it. Divers are advocates of good fishing practices and love saving marine animals. They spend a lot of time underwater, and it is therefore natural that they care for their second world.

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5. Dating a Diver – a lot of Fun

Divers are fun to be with and have this infectious smile, which will make you always want to be with them. Yes, being in touch with nature can always keep you in a good mood. They pick such love and fun from the underwater and emulate it in the dating and personal relationships.

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