Dating A Virgo

Dating Virgo

The sixth astrological sign of the zodiac is none other than Virgo. These individuals are not known for jokes but more for attention to details. Born between the dates August 22 to September 22, they have a knack for being exact and factual. They value analytical judgment, hard work, modesty and faithfulness. They are always never the life of the party, instead are shy and tend to worry as much. They enjoy the company of art, science, mathematics, literature and are skilled at completing their work. This are things you should keep in mind while dating Virgo zodiac sign.

The Virgo sun sign is the second largest category in the zodiac. Virgo star sign are followers of methodology, strict to details. They have clearly laid plans and goals even under messy situations. However under this advanced life lies a sensitive and caring lover. They are organized individuals that do not rush into commitments. They take time to analyze their predicaments before making a pick on the Virgo’s first date.

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Virgo have a stick in the mud tendency. Relationships interested in them requires perseverance and great deal of wooing. Besides, they are boring in some other ways, as well as being picky about whom they show affection too. They show independence; control freak of some sort. Above all they are discerning with perfectionist tendency. Follow along to understand more about how to date Virgo.

Tips On How To Date Virgo

Verbal and nonverbal cues play a significant role in wooing and dating Virgo. Looking deep into their eye for instance while in a conversation can be a tale of what she or he is expecting. Inviting eyes that scream for rescue are an invitation to kill while ‘back-off’ eyes might be a good indication of to retreat. Variation in tone and response to touch are also an area to look out for. Better yet, never ignore their presence if you want to learn how to date Virgo.

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So, Why Date A Virgo?

Virgo zodiac sign are practical in life. You want a real boyfriend or girlfriend? The answer is dating Virgo man or dating Virgo woman. They are thorough in their thinking and everything concerning life, mature in some sort. They are organized and clean; living with them is an experience. Additionally they are loyal and trustworthy in their Virgo compatibility with no dramatic tendencies.

*Virgos are not big on flashy and romantic displays of affections. They prefer not so much in traditional display of love instead enjoy a modest and honest show of love.*

Virgins are modest and prudent, never engaging in dirty talk. They are also wise and can be selective, trying to show their better side. However they are a good company, they are good debaters confident about their ideas and opinions.

Pros Of Dating Virgo

Big-Minded Virgins

Virgo are perfectionists in their careers, hobbies, and their outlook. This personality trait can be unbearable at times especially when you are criticized to deliver to his or her standards. They are into planned dates and nothing spontaneous and often worried on what they will discuss during the outing. Good conversational skills are an added advantage for dating Virgo. They are good debaters too. Hence when engaging in a deliberation, do ensure that you are ready with the topic of discussion.

Virgo Love Life

Smartly dressed individuals seem to the key to dating Virgo man or dating Virgo woman. They are quite the perfectionists. When on your first date, ensure the scarf is on point, hair tidy and wear clothes that fit. They are not into trendy wear, so a vintage look should do the trick. Additionally, rocking the right clothes is not enough without a good smell and clean look. Of course take them to a luxurious hotel where good music and food is in plenty. Maybe they will even let you know if you sexually interest them.

Cons Of Dating Virgo

The Fiery Virgo

Virgos have charm and vigor exclusively when around friends and family. They appreciate truthfulness and loyalty and are always trying to solve problems for their family and friends. They can also be imposing especially when they think of certain things. Being the free and straight thinkers, it is often wise not to confront them instead accept their deposition wholeheartedly.

The Egoistic Beings

Embrace the different aspects between the two of you. An elaborate ego will impress the Virgo; a powerhouse of qualities. Inform her of your hobbies in music and acting while taking a profession as a banker or students.

How to Impress A Virgo On A Date

When trying to impress a Virgo on a date you should try to have an eye-to-eye connection. This is usually a slow process that involves stating your intentions. This step majorly relies on making the first move. Virgos are generally shy and reserved. So determination and knowledge should win you the prize. Follow the below six dating tips and be sure to get a Virgo to commit.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Virgo are shy by nature, going hard with questions on the first meet is uncalled for. On the first date it is advisable to take a laid back approach to what she or he is into. Scouting their hobbies and abilities will enable you to know what to talk based on what you share. But they can sometimes be a pain in their ‘know-it –all’ attitude.

In such situations it is wise to play along and avoid being judgmental even though their opinions might be hurting. Understating them, emotionally despite their fussy approach to like and dislikes is also called for. Note that they possess a hard to impress nature. So, appreciating him or her principles while dating Virgo goes a long way to bring you in line with their perspective.

Be An Active Listener

Virgos have reputation of being analytical and practical in their arguments. Their company can be really informative. They enjoy talking facts and opinions; hence their presence is always praised. They are intelligent with varied areas of interest from movies to politics. Hence picking a conversation with them is not a hard task. However some Virgos are good when it comes to hiding the truth as well as perfect back biters. When dealing with these judgmental personalities restraint is highly advised. Furthermore, another option is taking a firm stand to their arguments.

dating a virgo

Don’t Get Obsessed

The Virgos are clean and intelligent people with shy tendencies. They tend to interact well with individuals after gaining their trust. Therefore, too early fixation towards them can be a turn off. They might leave you in fear if you are over-impulsive. Taking time instead of rushing through is vital when dating Virgo sun sign.

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Understand Them Emotionally

Virgos are the most intelligent and organized zodiac sign. Their attention to detail and strong beliefs make them hinged to a mountain of character deficiencies. They are healthy watchers. For them, checking out a new vegetarian joint in town for a weekend date is wiser compared to grabbing beers in some night joint. They have moral standing that as a partner you should support.

Little Things Matter to Them

Your attention to details and inflexible beliefs will influence the Virgins. They are clean in dressing as in maintaining their homes. When around them it is wise to observe neatness. They are organized in terms of goals and targets. Being helpful to their course is always a way to show affection. Virgo in love are also analytic and perceptive of small matters. They lack faith in the unknown and strive till they fully understand and are ready to commit.

Never Underestimate A Virgo

Relationships and business will always make the Virgo happy. They are highly analytical and perceptive especially when probing people to ascertain their motives. They are also good at problem solving. They pick the issue part by part till eventually they find a solution. Additionally, they are very independent and intelligent when it comes to work.

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