Pros and Cons of an Open Marriage

Do Open Marriages Work?

Getting involved in an open marriage calls for a proper and in-depth analysis of the situation; a person is letting himself in. Open relationship or marriage is always a bit complicated and at the same time confusing too.

You need to evaluate the whole situation carefully before finally making a well-informed and balanced decision about the suitability of such a relationship in your life.

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In doing so, you have to carefully identify all the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. We should introspect the pros and cons of such a relationship in great detail for the benefit and convenience of our readers. Let us first enlist the pros of getting involved in an open relationship:

Pros Of Open Marriage

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1. Absence Of Any Pressure Or Burden Of Commitment

An open relationship is of a casual nature. You are not going to be tied down or burdened with the pressure of making any commitment. People, who like to maintain a fair distance from a scenario where commitment is of utmost importance, will find an open relationship convenient for them.

Again people not desirous of settling down easily and people who love to spend a lot of time only on their interest will also find an open relationship suitable for them.

2. Freedom From Being Tied Down

In a monogamous relationship, you would not be able to enjoy the amount of freedom an open relationship ensures for you. You will be free to choose a partner according to your liking which is not possible in case of a monogamous relationship.

When a person attracts you, it is very frustrating when you are unable to act positively to draw the desired person’s attention towards you. They say that a life without liberty is like a body without spirit. An open relationship guarantees you that liberty and ensures that you of with such a spiritless body.

3. Variety Adds Spice To Your Life

Open relationships ensure variety. You do not have to stick to a single person all the time. You get to be with other people of your choice. Monogamy sometimes can be very stressful and boring for such people who like to have a little variety in their life.

On the other hand, open relationship ensures diversified enjoyment in both emotional as well as physical ways due to its sheer open nature.

4. Absence Of Any Guilt

An open relationship is about a consensual non-monogamous relationship. Thus, by the sheer weight of its consensual nature, people do not feel any sense of wrongdoing or guilt by being involved in such a relationship.

In case of a monogamous relationship, involvement in other such relationships is termed as ‘infidelity’ by its non-consensual nature.

5. No Dearth Of Physical And Emotional Satisfaction

No person in our world is complete in all respects. Everybody has their limitations. By being involved in an open relationship, a person can extract the benefits of varied emotional and sexual satisfaction from different persons with different physical abilities and psychological status.

Just like two sides of the same coin, an open relationship also has many flaws. Let us take a look at the cons of an open relationship.

The Cons Of An Open Marriage

1. Feeling  Of Jealousy

Human nature is usually bound by some common chords. A feeling of jealousy always takes precedence, when you see your partner with somebody else.

You will be getting red with envy thinking about your partner having a better time with another person than the time spent with you.

2. Risk Of Diseases And Pregnancies

When you have multiple sexual partners, it will be a herculean effort to save yourself from getting contracted by one or more diseases which one or more partner of yours might carry with them.

You have to be on your toes all the time and have to be scrupulously knowledgeable about their complete medical history to guard your health and prevent any contraction of any diseases they might possess. Again, to date, 100% safe contraceptives are effectively not available in the market, and things can go wrong also by chance.

It is never desirable to be burdened with an accidental, unwanted pregnancy which may create unnecessary problems in your life.

3. Difficulty In Managing Multiple Partners

Open relationship ensures greater freedom. However, managing the different and unique demands and needs of different partners might be a hectic and challenging prospect. You have to manage your time according to the varied needs of your partners, and sometimes this may feel too taxing and stressful.

Open marriage

4. Unpleasant Feeling When A Partner Leaves You

A partner is always at liberty to leave you in an open relationship. Such a scenario leaves a sense of unpleasantness and vulnerability in you. Such emotions are not good for you.

5. Keeping a Check On YourEmotnsAlways

An open relationship gives you liberty in many aspects of life, but you don’t have the liberty to let your emotions go loose. You cannot form an emotional attachment to your partner as nothing is permanent in an open relationship.

If you let such emotions creep into your relationship without the consent of your partner, it will surely mess up everything in your life.


After having compared both the pros and cons of an open marriage, it can be inferred that such relationship is suitable for a particular type of individuals and not in any way suitable for the common mass of people. It has its advantages and benefits particularly suited to some individuals with some unique needs, desires, and expectations.

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It has its distinct disadvantages as well. People desirous of having such a relationship have to take their own time weighing the definite pros and cons of being involved in such a relationship. The decision may vary according to a person’s requirement. The bottom line is open marriages are hard work. You need to put in a lot of efforts if you want this complex relationship to work out.

You should get involved in such a relationship only when you can accept its pros and cons wholeheartedly and are ready to go the extra mile to make it work.

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