Dating a Hippie – Things You Must Know!

Inspiring Facts About Dating A Hippie

Dating a free-spirited hippie man or woman can be exciting, adventurous but at the same time challenging. But they have an entirely different lifestyle which may be opposite the norms of the society, and that makes dating them a little challenging.

A relationship with a hippy, therefore, demands understanding, sacrifices, and commitment. Let’s not forget the fun pack. Hippies are easy-going and live a straightforward life. But you don’t need to be as rich as Bill Gates, to satisfy their needs. Getting them, a gift can just cost you $5, and he/she will appreciate it greatly. So now, let’s get to the why you need to date a hippie.

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1. Very Easy to Please

As already stated, you wouldn’t spend a fortune to please your partner. They don’t need all those expensive and luxurious gifts. He/she wouldn’t need a piece of 18-carat diamond jewelry, or gold plated car as a gift. You can easily please your hippie partner with a scarf or a bicycle for traveling. This is cheap, isn’t it?

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2. You Can Leave a Free Life

Hippies love their independence, so there is no way they will try to put restrictions on your life. They are never clingy, so you are free to live an independent life when you date a hippy. Aside from dating him/her, you can have time for your friends and family. You can also have your plans, and they may not interfere with it.

3. You Don’t Need to Worry About Your Appearance

You don’t need to worry about your looks or appearance at any point in time when dating a hippie. They love you without makeup and want to see you in a simple dress. All you need is to put on something and be your natural self. He/she wouldn’t pay attention to that your messy hair and may even consider it as a new style.

4. They are not Materialistic

They are easy-going, live a free-spirited life, and are therefore not materialistic. But won’t ask for expensive gifts neither will they demand a luxurious lifestyle. They don’t need a mansion, a car, or expensive jewelry from you. They appreciate the little things, and that makes them happy.

5. Dating a Hippie can be Adventurous

Hippies are full of adventure and are always in for a new experience. If you are also adventurous, then be ready for a life full of fun and new experiences. They are the outing type so wouldn’t mind going for climbing, cycling, hiking, beach walking, and the many others with you. You can also enjoy sports together.

6. Dating a Hippie can be Crazy

They know how it is to be weird and crazy sometimes. Their own life is weird and full of craziness so he/she will tolerate you. Just as you can swallow all their “nonsense” and absurdity, they will surely reciprocate it by accepting you as you are.

7. They are Down to Earth

They are open-hearted and open-minded people who accept other people’s views. But they easily accept their mistakes when pointed out to them because they accept the fact that they are not a hall of wisdom. They look down on people; they don’t discriminate and treat everyone with respect. Thus, they easily make friends everywhere they go. So, having a partner with such quality makes the relationship easier.

dating a hippie

8. They are Great Listeners

So, all hippies want to be listened to, and as such, they are great listeners. They pay attention to the little vital details during every conversation. So, if you have an essential issue to discuss, just rely on them.

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