10 Charming Wedding Gift Ideas

10 Charming Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding is one of the most beautiful celebrations in one’s life. For the new couple, it will be the most magical day. For the guests, it can sometimes be quite hard to find the perfect way to surprise the newlyweds. Here are ten charming gift ideas to help your loved ones celebrate their special day.

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1. Rubber Stamp

A rubber stamp with the new couple’s address and names together will be a perfect way to celebrate this union. This gift is not only creative and beautiful but also very practical. This gift will help the new couple when sending out invites to their future events.

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2. Celebrating The Couple’s History Together

If you are well acquainted with how the newlyweds have met and how their life so far has been; celebrate it. Dishes printed with their special occasions or a map of the place they first met- be creative, they will love it. You can even make a personalized calendar for them and note their special events.

3. A painting Of Love

Maybe you are not an artist yourself, but you can surely find one. Create a painting from a picture of the couple being together. It will bring more personal feeling than a framed picture.

4. Engraved Cutlery

The new couple will certainly need some kitchen appliances. Create cutlery with their initials to remind them of their love.

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5. His & Hers Themed Home Decors

His & Hers themed home decors will be something the new couple will appreciate. There is a wide variety of product you can choose from- pillows, glasses or even plates. This gift will remind them of their beautiful union every day.

6. A Jump Together

A good way to celebrate their new union is to create them a challenge. Couples bungee jump will be a fun and adrenaline full gift. The new couple will enjoy the closeness and sense of danger.

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7. Special Song Just For Them

The couple has their song, but they might not have a song about them. Creating a song about their life together will be a heart-warming present they can listen to every day.

8. Dream Bank

The new couple is looking forward to their life together. Their dreams definitely will require time and money to make them come true. Give them a dream bank- piggy bank they can put away some money to make their dreams come true.

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9. Chocolate

Make their first year sweeter. Give the young couple a year supply of chocolate to make their lives even sweeter. For the more busy couples, you can place a standing dinner order for their special moments together.

10. Personalized Jewelry

The newlyweds will share their rings, but you can choose a different set of jewelry. Bracelets, watches or necklaces with their initials and wedding date will be another way to remind them of their wedding day.


There are many different ways how the guests can help the new couple in celebrating their marriage. The perfect wedding gift is one way of making their day even more special. By using one of these ideas, you will never go wrong.

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