Dating a Hunter – What to Expect?

7 Things To Know Before Dating a Hunter

One of my female friend has been dating a hunter for about a year now, and she always has something interesting to say. The first time I heard she was dating a hunter, I was like what! But after having a deep chat with her, I realized it was worth it.

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As she narrates, “it is not only about the meat; there is much more.” They say, “curiosity kills a cat,” but being curious to acquire information is worth it. At least it has given me something to share with you. Relying on the information I have gathered from my friend, here are some reasons to date a hunter.

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1. Dating a Hunter Means Buying Meat is a no-no!

This should be the first point. I mean, how can you be dating a hunter and still buy meat from the market! When a hunter picks his gun, know that an animal is in trouble.

You will have a feel of varieties of meats when your special someone is a hunter. All you need to say is “honey I feel for a deer today,” and he will surely get you one. With the stock of different animals in your refrigerator, you wouldn’t need to visit an abattoir or that meat shop 5 km away.

2. Your Friends Will Always be Grateful

Having a lot of in-stock means, you will have a lot to share. As the meat piles up in the refrigerator, you will find the need to share some with friends. Isn’t this generous! I always feel good when friends say, thank you for this or thank you for that. Your friends will be grateful for sharing your meat with them, even though you have a lot in stock and have to get rid of some.

3. BBQ Parties Will be a Normal Thing

The most expensive item for a barbecue party is the meat, and this is what you already have in abundance. So, what will stop you from throwing that party for your friends and family? Do not worry about the grilling process because your hunter partner will take care of that. Once again, your family and friends would be grateful for that gesture.

4. Here Always Has Something Interested to Say

There is never a dull moment with a hunter. He always has something new to say about his adventures in the forest from missing his target on several occasions, and finally trapping are some of the stories you will hear daily. Trust me; you will get to know every single thing, which happens in the forest.

5. He Will is Your Protector

He has a gun and other equipment that are for protection. So, how on earth would he allow any attack on you? A hunter partner will take all the risk to protect you, including beating people up. Yes, he will do that for your sake.

6. They are Brave

Hunters and braveness are synonymous. But, come to think of it, would anyone think of becoming a hunter when he is scared of a mouse. No way! Staying in the forest, and alone in the night is very dangerous, but the braveness of a hunter makes it look easy. He can extend this braveness into his dating life and take risks for you.

7. Dating a Hunter Equals Fitness

Hunting is not an easy task. Yeah, the long walk in the forest alone can burn some calories. It is not as if the animals are gathered in one place, and all he does is to shoot. If that is what hunting entails, then I would have been one of the best hunters of all time. The heftiness of hunting makes them very fit. He doesn’t need the gym to become fit and be in good shape.

Dating a hunter

8. They Like Being Outside

Hunters love the natural environment; therefore, they mostly prefer to be outside. So, he wouldn’t mind pitching a camp with you somewhere to enjoy fresh air, star gazing and fill he lungs with freshness. Going on a date with your hunter dude won’t ever be a problem.

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I know you are in a dilemma because hunters are somewhat rough and though. Yes, I know, right! But trust me, that traits are for the forest and not the house. When they are home, hunters can be one of the loving and caring men you can ever meet. So if a hunter has been knocking the doors of your heart for some time now, give him a chance.

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