Six Pillars of A Loving Marriage

Six Pillars Of A Happy Marriage

Love conquers all, so they say. At times I hate to hear this sentiment. The paramount reason behind this is that as much as love triumphs in, it can destroy an individual life in seconds. The only thing that makes us change our traits is nothing else than love. When in love, you can act in an unimaginable way, but also in an unpredictable manner. But if you want it intensely, well nothing is impossible.

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In that regard, love is meant to conquer all obstacles. That is why couples are advised to consider themselves as winners and not losers. If you’ve stayed with your partner for more than a year, nothing is meant to part you aside. It is a time where you will not consider divorce as part of your reconciliation. You will love one another without grudges. You might be different from each other, but if you opt to live by your uniqueness, you’ll cross tons of stumbling blocks.

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However, there comes the point in life where you don’t want to cross paths with your partner. Your feeling tells you to look for greener pastures, and you wonder why you married him or her. No matter what you are going through, you have to accept that it’s for better and worse. Be more than ready to carry your spouse’s problems as well as solving others in between. To be certain that you were meant for each other, scroll further.

*Above anything else, couples should practice honesty, without it, your marriage will die in one year’s time.*

Foundation of a Good Marriage

1. Love

Innate attachment and affection is the greatest thing that you can ever share with the one that you treasure. If you share true love, you will both be in a safe place. Undefined love welcomes a peaceful ambiance that opens up a new chapter in your love life. You will be able to see each other through your images. Your husband will be your mirror and vice versa.

Abundant love welcomes you to another world of pleasure and ever-glowing years. You will always feel protected by your positive attitudes as well as perceptions. If your partner knows how to preserve his surrounding, then love needs the same amount of cultivation.

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Don’t get me wrong, when I utter the four-letter word, I truly mean that we are in the safest place. It is the same place where a wife and a husband satisfy each other needs to the core. A simple example is when two couple travels overseas for their first honeymoon. It is here that they share one another ideas and won’t mind talking even without resembling cloth on. No one is judging you, and you aren’t afraid that someone will poke your real personality.

2. Honor and Respect

The moment you feel like your partner isn’t respecting your idea, that’s where love melts away. You know what kills it? It’s nothing else than dishonor, miscommunication, and invalidation. If these three traits creep into your love life, you’ll never be the same again. It all sums up to how you feel, think and react.

Couples are advised to employ communication and value their spouses like no one business. Give him or her, a chance to feel safe no matter the situation. When you express your true self, your partner will honor and value you to the brim. Aside from anything else, honor and love go hand in hand. If you happen to remove one, you’ll face the wrath of both.

3. Responsibility

There is nothing good in this life than knowing that someone is thinking and caring about you. Responsibility comes when you have to sacrifice your end deals for your partner’s case. Knowing that you have bills to pay hence working hard for the sake of your family will be your end motive. I know you have a life, and it’s yours but times come when you are forced to respond to others people’s needs.


Responsibility is all about having a goal and plan in your mind. In that case, before getting married or dating you need to set your mind to anything. Healthy life plus healthy marriage equals a happy union. No matter what you do, don’t think about being disappointed. You might want to argue with him or her till dawn but having a positive attitude will calm your nerves.

Aside from anything else what makes you responsible is nothing else than what comes from you. In that case, you are both required to live a blissful life as individuals. For this reason, you won’t be caught off guard because you know how to lead by example.

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4. Truth

Certainty and sincerity are the ultimate pillars of your marriage. If you are both willing to speak the truth and nothing else, you are heaven sent. This means that you both should agree that walking in the light is far better than having innate secrets. If you adore your partner, you shouldn’t lie but be ready to tell the end truth at all times. You don’t have to be scared, but give your partner a chance to know you better. Above anything else, accept your real you and don’t employ pretense.

When it comes to relationships, be ready to be tested through your conflicts. If you feel like you are imprisoned, then you are lying to yourself and your partner. Marriage is meant to cultivate the end truth in both of your lives. If you don’t value yourself as an individual no one will appreciate you. When you prefer to tell lies, you’ll do more harm than good in your relationship.

5. Be Intimate

Affection can briefly be resembled as the firm foundation of your house. No one sees it, but it holds up to the building for eternity. In that case, allow yourself to indulge in intimacy as often as you can. Sex doesn’t come from proving your mastery for him or her, but it’s all about satisfaction. There’s nothing better than knowing that your partner is content to the core. No matter what you do, be ready to attend to your significant other’s needs. If need be learned to share both likes and dislikes. It all depends on your preferences. Worry less if you want to read more delightful books and magazines.

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Outside the bedroom affairs love your partner to the core and intimacy will follow you like a plague. You also need to show only affection and prioritize his or her problems to the heart. The secret is to be authentic.

6. Vision

Any close relation must have a purpose and profound insight. Though you are both destined for greatness, mistakes happen. At this point don’t try to blame your partner but focus on each other. The WHY? Questions should be out of your leagues. As two couples, you should focus more on your purpose in life. When you identify your obstacles, you will be willing to sacrifice and expect the best. The real truth behind creating a vision is to help you move at a steady pace. In fact, it helps you to move to a better place hence achieving your end goal.


There are tons of things that couples can do to reveal the young love that they shared before. But if both of you don’t seem to have a plan, you won’t be hoping for the best. My end point is that couples should learn to do-over without asking for anything in return.

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