5 Mind Games Women Like To Play

5 Mind Games Women Like To Play

Every man has at some point thought that it is not possible to understand women. Women tend to be very mysterious, and they love to play games. She can sometimes be happy, and the next moment she is not speaking to you for any apparent reason. Are women so mysterious or are they just playing you? Read further to find out the answers you have been looking for.

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1. She Is Acting Hard-To-Get

This strategy is one of the oldest known ways how women try to attract the attention of someone she is interested in. We all know that our instincts haven’t changed a lot since we were cavemen. Playing on your natural hunter-gatherer feelings almost always works.

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You have set your eyes on your “prey,” and you will not stop until you get it. By playing hard to get she is just making sure you no longer see anyone else but her. But when you show the first signs of not being interested, she will most likely stop playing her game and will try to get your attention in another way.

2. She is Giving You the Silent Treatment

The silent treatment is another classic move that probably all women have used at a certain time, and most men have experienced first-hand. The mind of men and women work differently. You might have done something wrong, or it is also possible that she simply got angry for a small thing and got carried away with her emotions.

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Sometimes women can get upset about seemingly nothing, but there is probably a pile of other stuff that comes to the surface once the anger sets in. By giving you the silent treatment, she is testing how well you understand her feelings.

Women know that guys aren’t able to read their minds, but they certainly hope that you will. But how to deal with it? One thing is for sure – she has already built up emotions inside her, so she will probably not be able to calm down just by having some space. If you want to understand her and move past the silent treatment truly, show her that you care and understand that she is upset, even if you don’t know why.

3. She Is Teasing You

You think that you have met the world’s nicest girl who fell in love with you since the moment you met. She laughs at your jokes, smiles and makes you feel very special. Only after a while, you realize that you can’t imagine your life without her. How did that happen? While you were busy thinking that you are the best man this girl has ever met, she was teasing you.

Women are skillful when it comes to wrapping men around their finger. And then suddenly, she breaks up with you making you feel foolish. Keep your eyes open and don’t fall for this act. There are many reasons why a girl is playing this game with you – she can be interested, but she can also use you. If you want to avoid this situation, keep stay alert and don’t get your hopes up too much.

4. She Is Acting Like the Victim

Women love to play the victim because it is a certain way to get what they want. Again, this strategy is playing on man’s most primitive instincts- to protect his women. She most likely knows how to change the light bulb, and she is perfectly able to carry a grocery bag.

But most women believe that asking you to do these things makes you feel more like a man. Bringing out tears can also be a strategy to make you feel sorry for her and help her out. Tears are a good way to get out of any trouble, especially if you are fighting. She can make you feel guilty, even if you were not in the wrong.

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5. She Asks You to Be Honest

Honesty is an important part of every relationship, but there are certain things you should never be honest about. A Little white lie might go a long way for your relationship. She might ask you questions like “Have I put on some weight?”, “What do you think about my best friend,” “How do you like my new hairstyle?”.

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All of these questions are tricky. A woman wants to hear your opinion, but only if it is positive. You might have noticed that she has a terrible haircut, or you can’t stand her best friend- but what good will it do to tell her that? In this case, honesty can lead only to negative feelings and possible fights. Be alert and don’t fall for this mind game.

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