Dating a Lawyer – 12 Things to Know!

Dating A Lawyer – Pros and Cons

Lawyers are abreast with the law and defend both the good and bad. They are quick to say that, everyone is innocent until proven guilty with enough evidence. Yes, that is a lawyer, and that is what they do for a living. Now, let me go straight to the substantive issue of dating a lawyer. I hope no lawyer will sue me for writing about issues related to their love life. Even if anyone does, I believe the world would stand by me because every point here is valid.

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Let me start by saying that, dating a lawyer is not like any normal relationship. For example, you can conveniently have your way by lying in almost every relationship, but not when dating a lawyer. This is because lawyers daily encounter people who come up with lies to make their case look good. So, they can detect when you are lying. I can see they are sincere, but will never go down without making an argument. In this piece, I would want to share some things to consider before dating a lawyer. My first point is the most obvious of all lawyers.

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1. Argumentative

This is a distinct characteristic of every lawyer. Let me say it forms part of their DNA. They can never accept anything without raising an argument just to let you know they also have an opinion. If you date such a person, be ready to engage him/her almost every day.

2. They have Different Approach to Issues

Per their training, lawyers try to veer off the norms and approach issues from a different perspective. This is one thing that makes them different from any normal person, and that is what makes them successful.

Have you ever wondered why lawyers defend criminals? The answer is simply because they look at things differently. Before going into defense, they consider things like, what if the defendant committed the crime in self-defense. So with this approach, they can successfully defend and win the case. They can apply this characteristic in the dating life, and that can help in resolving issues.

3. They are Objective

Lawyers sometimes defend lies, but in their real life, they can be one of the sincerest and real personalities. They say things as it is and that can hurt. The fact that he is objective can sometimes cause a little misunderstanding in the relationship, which you would have to deal with.

4. Dating a Lawyer means Social Parties

Lawyers are held in high esteem in society, and they get to meet different classes of people in their line of duty. They get to meet powerful people, including politicians, business moguls, celebrities, and other decision makers. You will, therefore, have the chance of meeting these high-class people whenever you follow your lawyer partner to an event.

5. They Don’t Hold Grudges

I always find this trait of lawyers very intriguing. They can have an intense debate among themselves when defending their clients. However, when they come out of the courtroom, they re-establish their friendship. They don’t take what happens in the courtroom, personal, hence, no grudges. When you date a lawyer, you can easily resolve your grudges.

6. They are not the Outing Type

Hardly would you find a lawyer at an event before their annual legal vacations. They try to stay out of public events as much as possible. When you want to plan a date, you would have to consult them to avoid any disappointment. If you are also the outing type, I am sorry, but a lawyer is not for you.

7. You Will Be Alone Sometimes

Lawyers hardly get time for their partners due to their busy schedules. The only time you can fully access to them is during their annual legal vacation. This is because they work during the day and sometimes throughout the night preparing their defenses. Which means after going out to work in the day, they return home to continue the work, making the house an extension of their office.

8. Canceling of Plans is Part of dating a Lawyer

This is not intentional but is one thing they do. The day of a lawyer is full of uncertainties. They may agree to go on a date with you, but a new case can interrupt, and the date would have to be canceled. This is not their fault, but one of their occupational hazards.

9. They are Financially Sound

Above all, law practice is a lucrative job, and the remuneration is just great. Lawyers deal with different clients being business moguls, celebrities, and politicians. They are involved in preparing contracts and render many other services that earn them good money. So on the bad side, they work throughout the night, but that sleepless night comes with money.

10. They Will Stand by You Even When You are at Fault

Just as they can defend known criminals, a lawyer will be by your side even if you are wrong. Yes, they will go the extra mile to defend you in public and reprimand you in private. Isn’t that lovely?

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11. Dating a Lawyer – You will be Familiar with the Law

But, one advantage of dating a lawyer is that you get the chance to learn some aspect of the law. This happens by default especially if you are dating a law student. You will mostly hear them practice their speeches and with that, you become familiar with it.

Also, when dating a practicing lawyer, he may inform you about some cases he is defending and can sometimes seek your layman’s opinion on them. If this continues for a long time, you will be in tune with some aspects of the law.

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12. They are Litigants

Also, lawyers are litigants because they are abreast with the law. They know from A-Z of the law and therefore try to explore it anytime possible. Also, they are aware of the consumer protection law, data protection law, and many others. So, they will take companies on when they believe rights are being infringed on. They can extend this to their dating life, and you will have to deal with it.

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