Dating A Scorpio

Dating Scorpio

Scorpio are not only mysterious but also the most misunderstood in the zodiac. Scorpios lead lives that exude intensity and passion that you will live to remember. Strong opinions and thoughts govern them. Once devoted they are always fully committed. If you are dating Scorpio, they also have a mystique susceptible to infatuations. Scorpios are deeply territorial of their space.

One should be prepared to go out many times before being invited over. The Scorpio sun sign are secretive of their feelings and skeletons in the cupboard are only open once they can trust you. One will need to observe some patience when getting Scorpio to commit to love. They are kind and courteous until they get crossed. Staying on a Scorpio’s good side is a step towards winning them over. They easily get mad when pissed with anyone, from family to friends.

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Scorpios pride themselves on the ability to get under someone’s skin; they are psychological experts. Scorpios are creatures of habit. They observe and adhere to routine. They will eat dinner at a specific restaurant on specific days of the week. They are everyday freaks. They have a record for picking a conversation with everyone. Scorpio star sign will appear to be flirting even when making small talk with others. Scorpio compatibility shows that they love to surprise their partners with little gifts and constant reminders of how special they are.

Tips On How To Date Scorpio

Here are a few dos and don’ts on how to date Scorpio. Scorpios are often attracted by how powerful and famous you are. Informing a Scorpio on how well you are doing in life might go a long way to impress them. Talks of how you brokered big deals or how your career is beginning to bud are a wise thing to do.

When making a move to dating Scorpio man or dating Scorpio woman for the first time, it is important to act your cool naturally. Moreover, they do not like posers. Try sharing some emotional truths; they are always intrigued with the need to lose themselves into the other person.

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So, Why Date A Scorpio?

Scorpio are intuitive. If you are on your first date with Scorpio, they have a knack of knowing you more than you know yourself. They will get inside your head and change your perspective. They are good at controlling you in making the right decisions.

Although they can use this technique at times to get what they want. They are straight with you. They are willful and independent. Scorpios employ practical approaches to solving problems. They make the best life partners as they will always know where you stand.

*When hurt Scorpios do so little to hide it, nothing like the passive aggressive “I’m okay” exists in their vocabulary. They are direct and not afraid to speak their minds*.

Moreover, they are balanced, between mature and carefree. Scorpios are happy and passionate individuals that enjoy life to the fullest. Sticking to this harmony is imperative to an enjoyable experience when hanging out with them. They are sexy and love deeply. Once Scorpios are in love with you, they will make it a passionate experience worth remembering. Additionally, they are loyal and protective of their own.

*If you are dating Scorpio man or dating Scorpio woman, they see things as black and white. There are no gray patches. This attitude may seem harsh, but it will keep the posers and players at bay*.

Pros Of Dating Scorpio

Big-Minded Scorpion

Scorpio make the best doctors, lawyers, and leaders. They love a power position that satisfies their ego and helps them acquire wealth. In business, they are great decision makers but staunch spenders. They are best known for making money and hiding it. They will never to tell how much they are worth on suspicion of discovery by their competitors.

Scorpio Love Life

Scorpios are driven by money, power, and fame into doing things. They are excessively ambitious. These ambitions give them a controlling power hungry attitude. However, they never give up and strive to get what they want. A social event such as a company’s anniversary and party sounds makes a good place to get the Scorpio to commit.

Cons Of Dating Scorpio

The Fiery Scorpio

Scorpio are creatures that suffer jealousy. They cannot stand success in other people’s lives. They are always out for themselves. Scorpio, they can’t also be positive; this trait disrupts the dynamics of the relationship. They are secretive. Scorpios have a hard time trusting people. They will not let people know what they are thinking or going through.

The Egoistic Scorpio

They are controlling and fixated. Scorpios have a tendency of hanging around public places. These circles serve as an arena to show off their loved one. Scorpios are dignified and somber people. However one should be wise not to pick up confrontations with them in the event of a disagreement. They are the most volatile of all the star signs in the zodiac.

Impressing A Scorpio On A Date

When making a conversation with a Scorpio date, always ask “how” or “why” aloud. Scorpios are curious minds and always after the truth. Additionally, when they are talking to you, try to concentrate. They are highly intuitive and might pick a poser from a mile.

Furthermore, build your conversation on interesting topics that will keep them entertained; they cannot tolerate annoying people. Scorpios love a good hangout. They enjoy any place they might get the chance to mingle with mighty and famous cream of the society; they are good at networking. Enough of blabbering, take a look at the below dating tips on getting the Scorpio to commit.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Scorpios will always be intrigued by how much prominent one is. They make the best groupies, hence unless it is certain they are fully into you, it may be unwise to commit fully. They will always see you for what you have accomplished or owned. Once a Scorpio has fully committed to you, patience and avoiding criticism will help keep the relationship afloat. They are flirty and will try to rub shoulders with the first C.E.O that works through the door. This action might cause you to feel jealous. However, that is their nature; live with it.

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Don’t Get Obsessed

If you are dating a Scorpio, they  love to keep their secrets. They enjoy their privacy, and more importantly they don’t like intruders. When trying to date Scorpio man or date Scorpio woman, allow them to let you in first before being all over their business. Scorpio’s men have a tendency of playing leader in relationships. They are dominant over the independent woman. This behavior can be disturbing and new to these women. However given a chance, these men are real leaders who know what he is doing, and one can hope for no dull outings.

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Be An Active Listener

They are highly intuitive and perceptive. When making a conversation with a Scorpio, it is wise that you listen attentively. They are also good with memory; they remember quickly. They enjoy complete attention; try putting off your phone and focus more on their dialogue.

Understand Them Emotionally

All said and done, Scorpio star sign are masters of their worlds. They are majestic and mysterious at the same time with a god-like ego. They also control everything around them including your perception. Therefore they might appear like jerks, but they always love to be loved. They get jealous when you talk to others. Try to make him or her feel special.

Little Things Matter To Them

They are good with remembering things. Being honest and faithful could do you less harm when dating a Scorpio. They tend not to forget anything. Some of this information is usable in confrontations.

Never Underestimate A Scorpio

They are resourceful and know how to network. A Scorpio will always feel at home when around successful people. Since they are ambitious too, they will use all the opportunity they get to know individuals in the highest places. Hopefully, these tips will help you know how to date Scorpio.

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