Dating a Pampered Brat

Dating a Pampered Brat

If you are actively dating, it should be no surprise that you stumble upon a person that is used to being over-indulged by others. This person will most definitely attract you with their confidence, great looks, and fun loving character. But soon enough you will learn that you are dating a completely spoiled person. Here are ways to recognize that you are dating a pampered brat and how to deal with it.

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They only recognize money as an entertainment option

The pampered brat will always expect you to pay for your dates. They will probably want to choose the location, regardless of your wishes and order the most expensive thing on the menu. These people believe that it is normal for you to spend your money on entertaining them.

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In most cases, people like that come from a family that doesn’t know another way to show how much they care. This person is probably used to having money from early childhood and doesn’t understand that some people might not have so much. They expect their partners to show their affection by spending money too.

Instead of obliging to all of their caprices, surprise them with a date that requires no or minimal expenses. Take them for a walk in the park, or go biking together. If this person is interested in you, they should not care about how much you want to spend on them. But if not, you should think if you truly want to be together with someone who is so materialistic.

They expect fancy gifts

The pampered brat will always expect to receive expensive gifts. They don’t care so much about the thought you have put into your gift, but rather focus on the price tag on it. It can be the newest electronic gadget or anything with diamonds.

At first, they might only expect small gifts, but as the time passes, they will expect more and more from you. This person is most likely seeking for attention. Giving them gifts is just one way of showing that you care. If you can find other ways that ensure them of your good intention, this person might stop being so materialistic.

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They only focus on their personal needs

A pampered brat has always been treated with a lot of attention from others. That is why they have turned out to be the way they are. They are used to being the center of attention and getting everything they want. It can be tough to deal with a person that doesn’t think about your needs at all.

But don’t dismiss them straight away. However spoiled this person is, they also have feelings. If you dismiss them straight away, things between you are not likely to get better. Listen to what they are saying and try to explain your needs too.

They lose the sense of responsibility

You might think that you are in a relationship with a truly nice person. But after a while, you realize that suddenly you are working harder than ever to please your partner. You come home from work just to find it is a complete mess and your partner is on the couch watching TV. This is a sure sign that you are dating a pampered brat.

Once this person has found someone willing to take care of them, they simply let go of any sense of responsibility. This person probably has no sense of boundaries. They expect you to provide them with finances, care, and love. It might be time for you to set some rules for your relationship. Be straight forward and set some boundaries.

Their family might be even worse

If you are dating a pampered brat, there is definitely a reason for why they are the way they are. Most likely the family of your partner is even worse. Perhaps they are not even wealthy but they spend all they have on pleasing their beloved child. Or maybe your partner comes from a family with limited emotional capacity that they are compensating for with all their money. See how your partner’s family treats them.

It might turn out that they only need emotional support and love. Or it could turn out that the parents thought they are doing the best for their child, when in fact they raised a spoiled brat. Either way, you will have enough information to see the reasons why your partner is the way they are. Afterwards, you can decide how to proceed with the information you have.

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