Libra Moon Compatibility

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Libra

Moon Sign in Libra, your symbol shows that you have the need for balance. Therefore, you are have a strong sense of justice. You will use your peace-making qualities to make sure that fairness and justice are upheld. A natural diplomat with outstanding negotiating ability, you can see things from different point of views, and you make friends easily.

The symbol is a scale for the Libra moon sign. Hence, you feel the need for balance in your life, be it from work and life to relationship. So, you are always looking to be healthy and active, a way for you to balance work with life. You are always considering other people’s feelings and needs. But the universe does not always play fair. When pushed, you will always defend equality with your wit and charm, using aggression only when necessary.

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Libra moon, you like to flirt in love, but you also want a fulfilling relationship, one that enriches your physical, intellectual and mental being. The Libra Moon in you does not like being alone, so you often find yourself making compromises to keep peace. Your charm and attractive look means that you can easily find potential partners, but keeping them is another question.

Best traits: flirtatious, romantic, seek balance

Worst traits: can appear clingy, avoids confrontation

Libra Moon Sign Relationships

Libra Moon & Aries Moon

You instinctively know how to harmonize with people, as Libra Moon. A partnership with the independent and assertive Aries means frequently compromising yourself. Aries is independent and can be inconsiderate, as the Ram tends to be bossy. Essentially you are drawn to the difference between you, but you frequently have to seek approval from Aries.

Moon in Libra lack a strong sense of self. Hence, you tend to go along with Aries, who has stronger desires. Libra you needs approval from others, and you tend to discuss things through with a friend or counselor. A contrast to Aries’ volatile outbursts of temper, they would not take time to talk about a problem. Other differences include you wanting to be together and Aries needing some alone time sometimes.

Libra moon sign wants fairness, and for this relationship last, you have to compromise less and Aries has to learn how to accommodate you as a partner. You will have to learn how to deal with Aries’ impulsive outburst, and your partner would have to be the patient partner who listens to your problems. These two zodiac signs will need a lot of adjusting, but you can be the best or the worst pairing among the sun signs.

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Libra Moon & Taurus Moon

Both you and Moon in Taurus prefer harmonious times than facing conflicts and difference, you will sweep them underneath the carpet to keep peace. This might spell bad news for a business relationship. In a romantic courtship, all may seem well until something blows up. You both might be interested in the same things, but experience it in a different way. The Libra in you loves learning it via intellect, while Taurus Moon experiences in through senses.

Libra you value diplomacy, and Taurus Moon is slow to take offense, but sometimes you have to take problems by the horns and solve them, rather than avoiding it. You might want some romance in a long term relationship, while Taurus might takes things for granted once you are established. You enjoy a good conversation more than the bull as well. Hence you will feel neglected if Taurus does not respond to your cues.

You both have similar need for balance and harmony, but you both have to be careful not to let issues go unattended too long, as it will damage this Libra moon compatibility. Overall you are quite compatible, as you get along well.

Libra Moon & Gemini Moon

You, Libra and Moon Gemini are social people. You both need to have engaging conversations and you both loath to be alone. You have the same general opinion and have good respect for each other. You will make an affectionate and romantic couple. When problems arise, you will deal it with fairness, while Gemini will handle it with logic, a win win.

However, both of you are uncomfortable with negative emotions, and tend to ignore them. Libra, you want a balanced relationship, while Gemini will quickly detach from an issue when it comes emotional and threatens to overcome the reasonable tone of a discussion. You like to focus on people, while the Twins prefer to pay attention ideals of a relationship.

You are very compatible moon signs. It might be better if you could open up about your emotions and talk through them more. Gemini might have to learn communicating when emotions run high, while you Libra might have to find a way to make it sound logical. Overall, you both will make a harmonious and happy couple.

Libra Moon & Cancer Moon

Libra, you and Moon in Cancer will go extra lengths to make each other at ease, because you both value people’s good opinion. You both feel intimidated when conflicts happen, and will try to avoid them by ignoring it. You might share the same interest and passion, but your reaction to a disagreement might spell trouble.

When issues arise, you will try to be fair and diplomatic, but Cancer Moon will be moody because you are unable to relate to them in a deeper level. You will be challenged by their behavior, and their reluctance to reason things out. You want a partner in crime, but they want reassurance and a home. Cancer’s need to be needed might make Libra moon feel smothered and parented, something that you do not want.

To make this Libra moon sign compatibility work, you have to make it clear that you are a partner, not a child to be mothered. Cancer Moon has to accept your need for fairness, and you wanting to talk through problems. Together, you can make a great pair, or your differences might break you.

Libra Moon & Leo Moon

You enjoy each other’s company, you and Moon Leo. You both have a romantic soul in you, and you are quite sociable and friendly. You will share a deep friendship and loyalty, building a foundation for a long relationship. You both want a family and love to care for children, which makes you a good fit for each other.

But Libra moon, you are more accommodating and diplomatic, in contrast to Leo who tends to be more authoritarian. Leo’s need to be the center of attention can make you feel that you are compromising too much. You are always aware of other people’s needs, making the Lion think that you can be indecisive. You might find Leo’s dominance egotistical and individualistic; but you admire Leo’s inner strength in troubled times.

Libra Moon you might have to learn how to be more assertive in a Libra Leo moon relationship. While, Leo moon might have to learn how to give and take. You both are romantics at heart, you will share many lovely memories. Good hearted Leo will not take advantage of your sense of fairness. Emotionally you are compatible, and this love relationship will last long.

Libra Moon & Virgo Moon

Libra, you want a perfect relationship, and Moon Virgo wants everything to be perfect, which can wreak havoc to your partnership. Even if you are a diplomatic Libra, Moon Virgo can push you over the edge with incessant complaints and attempts to correct you. If you are going for a long term romantic partnership, one of you might end up compromising more, which increases resentment.

Moon in Virgo can be self-critical and wanting everything to be of highest standards, which gives you pressure as you value balance. You both respond to crisis with logic and reason, rather than emotion. Libra in you value everyone’s viewpoint, while Virgo has clear ideas and would not hesitate to stand ground.

If you both want this Libra moon sign compatibility for romance to work, you need to work out problems as they crop up. Moon Virgo might have to let the idea of perfection go, while Libra you might have to learn how to become more organized. At this point, you and Moon Virgo are not perfectly compatible.

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Libra Moon & Libra Moon

The Libra Libra moon sign compatibility, can be a match made in heaven. You instinctively understand each other. You share many similar attributes, such as love for aesthetics and a balanced life. Together, your home will be harmonious and peaceful, because you both value balance and conflict. With a strong desire to please each other, your zodiac compatibility seems strong.

But your indecisiveness may be your downfall, as both of you moon signs cannot decide on things; it might not matter if you both are together. Your insecurities and negative feelings will bounce off each other and amplify, making you both miserable together. You both love to talk things out, which is beneficial for your relationship. However, you will have to come up with a compromise you both can agree on, which will be harder than it sounds.

Overall, you are a compatible pair when it comes to Libra moon astrology. You like the same things and have the same values in life. You know each other well, but you need to find a way to address conflicts without compromising too much.

Libra Moon & Scorpio Moon

Libra, you and Moon Scorpio can get along well, but you are very different people deep down. If you can tolerate the differences, then you might be able to have a long lasting romance relationship. However, you and Moon in Scorpio could have a good business relationship due to your differences.

You like to socialize, which Scorpio Moon finds superficial. Libra, you see the good in people, while Scorpio is naturally suspicious and focuses on the darker side. Scorpion also likes to manipulate and control a situation, a total opposite to your instincts. You like peace and harmony, Scorpio prefers intense experiences and passion. In essence, you are total opposites of each other. In business sense, you both have got each other’s back: the diplomatic Libra you, and the more manipulative Scorpio.

You will both need to make major concessions for this moon love compatibility to be viable romantically. It is difficult for you to fulfill each other’s needs without sacrificing your beliefs, making it hard to have the partnership you both deserve.

Libra Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Moon Libra, you and Moon in Sagittarius have the same values and ideas: tolerant, sociable and believing in goodness of people. You understand each other’s ideals, and your friendliness allows you to be together often. That is where the similarities end.

You avoid offending people, hence you pick your words and not take a side. But, Moon Sagittarius can be bluntly candid and cares nothing about offending people, any opinions are expressed openly. You prefer a partner who is always there, while Sagittarius moon sign needs moments of alone time, which can make you feel abandoned. Your need to be together always makes Sagittarius feel a little claustrophobic.

Your needs in a romantic relationship is different, but Libra you would never voice it out for fear of discord. If you truly want this marriage compatibility to work, you and Sagittarius Moon have to work out your needs and expectations in this partnership. Libra, you have to get used to Sagittarius’ bluntness, and Sagittarius will have to accept your need to be an equal partner. You are quite compatible as a couple.

Libra Moon & Capricorn Moon

Libra, you and Moon Capricorn are very unlikely partners, you are different people with no similar needs to have a successful relationship. Libra you like people, and want a partner to share your life with; Moon in Capricorn is emotionally self-sufficient and is not a fan of dependency. Libra, you want a loving relationship that is harmonious, but Capricorn Moon has more focus on responsibility.

Capricorn moon sign finds work and responsibility more important than your need for life balance. You will struggle with their practical viewpoint, while the goat finds your romantic notions and indecisiveness annoying. You have different needs and expectations that neither can fulfill. But if you work together, Capricorn can give Libra material security, you can create a home for Capricorn.

Unless you have an agreement, this is a hard moon sign compatibility to maintain. You ideals are different, but you can learn from each other. Libra you have to gain some independence, while Capricorn can learn how to take a break from you. You both can gain much from each other, and can contribute to a unique relationship. If you work hard, this might be a good partnership, but not always will you see eye to eye.

Libra Moon & Aquarius Moon

Libra, you and Moon Aquarius get along well, you can talk about anything, and you respect each other’s ideas. You and Moon Aquarius can be great friends, or more. Socializing is easy as you both love to be in a group and you can relate to each other values.

However, there are differences between you and Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius loves to rebel social convention sometimes but you balk at that. Aquarius also has need to be an independent individual, needing some freedom alone. You find Aquarius uncaring; they may feel that you are clingy.

A small hitch, but you can talk about it openly, which makes it easier to overcome any issues. Good communication helps you and Aquarius Moon to define your partnership better, and helps you move forward. You can learn how to have some independence, Aquarius learns how to place family first. Hence, you are both compatible Moon Signs, there is not much issues to solve.

Libra Moon & Pisces Moon

Moon in Libra, you and Moon Pisces thrive on harmony and peace, but that does not mean that you are compatible. You want a balanced relationship where both parties give and take equally. But, Pisces is a pacifist that needs a boss in their life. You both look for romance, but that is where your similarity ends.

Without boundaries, Pisces moon sign tends to go to excess; while you seek balance in everything you do. In comparison, Pisces is more emotional than you, as you can be more rational. You are diplomatic where the Fish can be emotionally manipulative. In the end, you might find that you need more than romance to keep this partnership going. You are different people at base level, which makes it hard to change who you are.

You, Libra will have to set boundaries and be the alpha that Pisces needs, but it will tip your internal scales. Pisces will have to learn how to be more organized, as you like things to be in order and balanced. Together, you have to work hard to make things work in this Libra moon compatibility, but it will be a peaceful relationship when it does.

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