Dating A Photographer – A True Snapshot!

9 Reasons For Dating a Photographer

Every moment is captured, so there is no lost memory. They turn real-life stories into graphics for it to last for generations, yes, that is a photographer. All photographers are creative people who bring life to a dull moment. But, are passionate about their job, hardworking, and interesting to be with. So, here are some reasons for dating a photographer.

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1. Dating a photographer means is no Lost Moment

Nobody wants to miss a special moment in life. Be it an anniversary, graduation, party, or friends gathering. Writing these moments in a diary is cool but will not be perfect without pictures. But who takes these pictures? The “honorable” photographer! You wouldn’t miss any moment when you are dating a photographer. Even if you want him/her to capture your sleeping moment, don’t worry, you are covered!

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2. Getting Him/her, a Gift is not Difficult

It is straightforward to get your photographer partner, a gift for an anniversary. He or she has a particular interest, and that is photography. So getting him/her anything related to that field would be a cool gift. But, avoid buying something he/she already has.

3. Good Caretakers

Everyone takes care of his/her working gear, but photographers do that in in a classy way. From cleaning his camera lens regularly to taking good care of the tripod, a photographer makes sure his/her equipment are in good shape. Why won’t they, because they spend a fortune to acquire that equipment. Also, that is what puts food on the table. When you are dating a photographer, he will surely help you with the cleaning. Lovely!

4. Have Eye for Beauty

So, photographers have a kind of “special” eyes that see the beauty in everything. But their creative instinct makes them extraordinarily see things, including plants. That abandoned building or the shady tree has something special no one can see unless a photographer points it out.

5. Love Being Around People

Their job is to share your happy and sad moments. They will be with you as you cry your heart out during a funeral or laugh your head off during an anniversary. Photographers are very friendly and love to be around people. So, even though they are mostly around for business purposes, it is great to have people around you, isn’t it?

6. Love Movies

Since they are lovers of good movies, especially classic ones. One can learn a lot from the movies the watch to apply in their profession. So, you will surely get to watch more interesting movies when you are dating a photographer. He/she would also teach some few tricks in movies.

7. Present Different Views

A dead whale wash ashore is dead and gone. To a commoner, that is another unfortunate incident, which happens once a while. But a photographer can create an image, which would present the whale as a victim of sea pollution of oil extraction.

8. Creativity is in their DNA

Also, creativity is part of them, and they have been trained to do that perfectly. So, they can easily create a concept to make pictures lively and worth keeping. Thus, it is easier for them to build up ideas to suit whatever occasion. Being with such a person also brings out the creativity in you.

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9. Pay Attention to Details when dating a photographer

They rarely miss anything, which is worth capturing. They can capture crazy moments you never thought could be possible. But, this is because they pay detailed attention to things around them.

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Thus, there are several other benefits when you date a photographer, aside from the points listed. At least you have some points to consider before going in for him or her.

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