Dating a Taxi Driver – My Real Life Experience

Would You Consider Dating A Taxi Driver?

So do you want to date a taxi driver? Well, that is not a bad idea at all. Dating a taxi driver can be very exciting and adventurous, but you should also be ready for the negatives. I am sure you have heard a thousand and one stories about date frenzies with a cabbie and not all may have been on the good side. So I would want to share the pros and cons of dating a taxi driver in this piece.

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Dating a Taxi Driver – Pros

1. Adventurous

Taxi drivers tend to be adventurous than an average man. This is partly due to the nature of their work. This means your relationship with a cabbie will never be boring, as they will always come up with new and exciting things. This can be in all aspects of the relationship. They always know about the latest things and would want to try with you.

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2. Very Generous

Believe it, or not taxi drivers are in the habit of splashing their dates with money. Yes, I mean, they are very generous. He would always feel compelled to provide for you to secure his positions in your life.

Whereas their profession may not be ideally prestigious, they try to make up for it by proving to be capable of taking care of the needs of their partners. Hence, they give out lots of money to their dates upon request and on a regular basis. Whenever he sees something new in town, be assured, he would get it for you.

3. Good Listeners and Communicators

Cabbies are naturally very easy to get along with and very easy to start a conversation with as they are good listeners and communicators. This can be attributed to the nature of their work as they meet and interact with lots of people.

This greatly improves their interpersonal relation skills and may be positive for them in a relationship. They won’t refuse their partners a listening ear and will eventually give great advice in the end. And, you already know the importance of good communication in a relationship.

4. Free Rides

Who doesn’t want freebies? Even the elite in society still accepts gifts. Transportation charges are one of the main things that eat up the chunk of our income. But, this would be a thing of the past when you are dating a taxi driver. Dating a cabbie means, you get to enjoy a free ride even in an empty pocket.

If you are lucky enough and get introduced to his other cabbie mates, it means your free ride coverage may be extended as they will also be automatically compelled to charge you zero dollars on your ride in their cabs any time you board. This is due to the ensuring friendship they may have with your partner. Thus, this ultimately gives you the privilege to go easy on your feet.

5. Exciting Sex

Cabbies are pretty much good in bed as most of them have had lots of flings with others. Hence, they have amassed lots of experience in the sexual front. As adventurous as they are, they can be spontaneous with sex and may twist things up a little like sex behind the wheel or in the backseat or preferably on the bonnet of the cab. They are not afraid to experiment with something new too. This means both of you will have exciting sexual pleasures especially if you are a sex freak.

6. First to Know Celebrity Gossips

Taxi drivers hear and see a lot of things daily due to the nature of their job. People often open up to them (especially celebrities) whenever they board their cars and pour out their worries to them. Also, they have open ears to listen to their clients’ conversations. They will surely tell you whatever they heard when they return home. They are very current and know almost all the happenings in the community they work in.

Dating a Taxi Driver – Cons

1. Promiscuity

Taxi drivers are noted to be very promiscuous and flirty. This is partly due to the nature of their work as they meet with all sort of people. They are therefore known to have flings ones  in a while with some of their customers and traders around their stations. This is usually true. Hence dating a cabbie means you may end up with a promiscuous partner. You will have a lot of rivals so be very prepared for that.

2. Lack of Attention

Forget about full attention when you date a taxi driver. Taxi drivers have very busy schedules and may not have much time for you. They wake up very early to transport people to their work places and may return home late.

So your partner may be exhausted from work, and all he may need is a good rest. This makes it virtually impossible to have constant and quality interactions with your partner. This can be very unhealthy for the relationship and may encourage infidelity.

dating a taxi driver

3. Low Educational Level

Also, most taxi drivers are low in terms of the educational ladder. I don’t dispute the fact that some graduates find themselves in this profession. So, in the case where the other partner is an intellectual, it becomes challenging to carry him along to an intellectual gathering, as he may not readily fit in. So if you are to dating a taxi driver with a low educational level, you would have to leave him behind when attending high-level gatherings.

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4. Living in Constant Fear

In areas where the rate of motor accidents are very high, dating a cabbie implies living in constant fear of losing him to a motor accident, and this can be very stressful. For those who work in the night, there is a constant fear of him being attacked by robbers. So you will be in fear when he is out there.

5. Low-Income Earners

Also, if you want a luxurious and comfortable life, then a taxi driver is not for you. They are low-income earners and may need your support to run the run. So be ready to help in the paying bills and other things that may come up.

Dating A Taxi Driver: Summary

So, you can now choose from the pros and cons and make your judgment whether to date a driver or not. But remember that relationship and marriage does not usually follow any logic. But, what can work for you may not work for another person. So, put that into consideration when choosing a spouse.

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