Tips for Finding the Perfect Partner on a Matrimonial Site

Get your Perfect Partner on a Matrimonial Site

With the advent of digitalization, people can search and find suitable matches on online matrimonial sites for their dear and near ones sitting from the comfort of their home. Traditionally in India, parents usually start looking for a suitable match for their offsprings.

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In the olden days, a middleman was entrusted to negotiate between the family of the prospective bride and bridegrooms initially, before the families concerned directly interacted. All these age-old systems, though still in vogue, have taken a back seat after online matrimonial sites came into existence revolutionizing the concept of partner search.

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Searching for a partner in matrimonial sites can be an exciting and rewarding experience with a wide variety of choices available on the online sites. Such a plethora of choices cannot be made available in the traditional modes of the partner search method.

However, some precautions have to be adopted in finding a suitable prospective partner on the online matrimonial sites. It would be just prudent if we discuss the modalities required for a successful partner search and the nuances thereof:

1. Create New Knowledge Through Research

During partner search, we may come across several good profiles of prospective persons with beautiful profile picture, good background, and a lucrative career. You cannot trust all these attractive options blindly without proper research in today’s world.

There are ways and means to check the integrity and authenticity of a person’s true credentials. There is the online search giant like Google, and there are also social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and more importantly, like ‘LinkedIn.’ You can make a decent assessment of a person by the details available on all these websites.

It is not that these are full proof. However, in today’s digitized fast-paced world; these websites provide handy and important information about the whereabouts of a modern person.

Assess the credentials of a person with the help of these tools, and if you feel satisfied with your preliminary investigation, you may take the next step of personal contact with the candidate.

2. Don’t Hesitate To Set the Ball Rolling

After being satisfied with your initial research and investigation of a candidate, go for the next step. You have liked the profile and found it to be genuine. Now is the time to make a move to initiate contact with the person. The contact may be in the form of online chat; it may be in the form of a voice call.

The medium of contact depends upon your choice and your comfort level with the particular form. If you are inclined to judge the initial conduct and behavioral pattern of the person, online chat is the best option.

You can ask pertinent questions about the person’s interests, his/her education and work history and the fundamental compatibilities he/she is endowed with. Verify these with the information you collected already from the social networking sites. If the information thus compiled seemed genuine, opt for a more personal form of a voice call.

The nature of voice, a way of talking and the person’s conduct over the phone will give you an idea about the person’s personality traits and seriousness of his/her intentions.

3. Lower Your Guard Slowly And Cautiously

It is always preferable that you do not drop your guard while chatting online or while making a phone call. The next step, meeting in person would again require a calm mind. Limit the initial few meetings short, and within the surroundings and environment, you are familiar with.

Judge your comfort level during these brief initial interactions. Take the next step of longer outings only if your comfort level allows you to do so. Be on your guard while doing all these things.

4. Take Your Time; Haste Can Make Great Waste

The online world is not without its pitfalls. There are thousands of fake profiles dotting the matrimonial sites with dubious intentions. You have to be extremely careful and patient while searching for a prospective partner.

Do your proper research, go forward, and make contact. However, never jump to an early conclusion. It may be emotionally taxing for you to exercise such caution when you have already zeroed on over a particular candidate.

Nevertheless, it is always prudent to exercise restraint. Otherwise, things may go wrong, and you may feel repentant in due course of your life.

5. Search A useful Matrimonial Site

There is no shortage of matrimonial sites these days. It is important to identify the right matrimonial sites suitable for your particular requirement. It should mostly provide genuine information about its subscribers and should be able to cater to your specific needs with a good variety of choices.

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6. Invest Your Valuable Time Before Making A Final Decision

Initially during browsing through hundreds of profiles, it is essential you invest your time in proper research and investigation. In the later stages also, you have to devote your precious time to all the activities related to the exercise of finding your perfect match.

Gone are the days when people meekly surrendered to the demands of their parents and relatives and tied the nuptial knot with a stranger without any objection.

Times have changed. People have developed a sense of skepticism about the so-called arranged marriage and are not prepared to spend the first night of their marital life with such a person, he/she is unfamiliar with.

Finding a suitable match through matrimonial sites is a viable alternative to this problem provided that you handle the process with proper attention, care, and precaution exercised at the right time and the right place.

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