Dating a Politician – 11 Rules to Follow

Things That Happen When You Are Dating A Politician

Politicians are mostly not able to fulfill their campaign promises but can convince you to re-elect them into power. If this is not magical, what will you call it? They can craft lies into truth and sell it out to the electorate without them realizing. When this is the power of a politician! Enough of their lies and unfulfilled promises, let’s now talk about how it is while dating a politician.

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While dating a politician is not the same as voting them into power. But most politicians live a private life contrary to their public life. They portray the “all good” character in public and a shady one in private. But in all, they have positive sides. Let us look at reasons to date a politician.

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Dating A Politician – Things to Know

1. They Don’t Cease to Impress

Politicians have an impressive nature, and no matter how you hate them, you may admire them one way or the other. From the way they dress to how they speak, you wouldn’t leave without impressing you. You are never going to be embarrassed when you invite him or her for a date.

2. They are Bold and Confident

You can’t take anything away from politicians when it comes to being confident. It seems that traits embedded in all of them. Wherever they go, whoever they meet and no matter the crowd, they will deliver up to expectation. When you have such a confident person as a partner, you are sure of going places.

3. Their Appearance Speaks Volume

Politicians always “kill it” when it comes to dressing. But they are one of the well-dressed personalities in the world. Due to their status in society, they don’t need rocket science to tell them to dress well when appearing in public. When dating such a person will not only make you proud but also prompt you to dress to match him/her.

4. They are Good Communicators

A politician can talk! I won’t get into whether what they say is the truth or lies, but what I know is that they are good public speakers. They engage in talks with a different class of people and know what to say at any point in time. Apart from that, they are great listeners. You will never have a dull moment when dating a politician.

5. They are Current

Politicians stay current because they debate on issues every day either in parliament or in the media circles. So they read different newspapers topics relating to health to economic to update themselves on issues in the country and worldwide. You can, therefore, engage him or her in a conversation on current issues. This is also a way to show interest in what he/she does.

6. They are Educated

But there are some politicians out there without a first degree or masters, but they are well informed. I define education as a person with much information on issues of concerns. They are aware of almost everything going on around them and able to make informed decisions. You will always appreciate a person able to make informed decisions if you have dated a “dumb” before.

7. Meet Influential People while Dating a Politician

So politicians are in a circle of influential people and you would even have the chance to dine with the president in the same hall. But they attend different events with high-class personalities. And, if  you can be a guest at one of them, then  probably the one with the president in attendance.

8. Chance to Travel

Politicians live their lives traveling from one place to another. It is either they are giving a commemorating speech in Texas, opening a fair or conference in California or cutting sod for a project in Alaska. Some politicians also travel out of their countries for diplomatic duties. But you will have to join him/her for the travels sometimes. This can be a great way to tour with all expenses covered by your partner.

9. They Have a Busy Schedule

This part is good for people who have lives aside from dating a politician. I know the clingy type will not be happy with this point.

date a politician

Now, to the independent people out there, dating a politician gives you enough time to run your own life because they are normally busy. They also have planned schedules so there wouldn’t be more impromptu demands.

10. Enjoy Some Debate when Dating a Politician

Debating your partner can be fun especially if you have different political affiliations. If  you can intentionally speak ill about a new policy passed out by his government, so  he would go through hell to defend that policy. Taking an entrenched position to be provocative but fun.

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11. They Will Always Try to Please You

Just as they always try to please the electorate, he/she would find ways to please you. So this can range from giving you gifts or taking you out on dates. When you are happy, they are happy.

Conclusion: Dating a Politician

Despite all the perceptions about them, politicians can be great partners. This is however subjected to individual differences.

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