Dating an Artist – The Real Truth!

13 Things to Know When Dating An Artist

First of all, we know who an artist is; and their impeccable credentials. So I wouldn’t waste time but to go straight to the point. Now, if you have found love in an artist, here are something to know before going on with the relationship. Let’s read what dating an artist entails.

1.  Pay Attention to Detail

Artists are one kind of people who are critical about details. They know that little details can make their work a masterpiece or ordinary work. Artists can easily point out to beautiful moments in the natural environment. Yes, they have the eyes to notice special imagery formulations of branches of a tree, which an ordinary person cannot see. That abandoned building out there has a special feature only an artist can reveal. So don’t be surprised when he/she takes a long look at something they see.

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2. Be Creative if you are Dating an Artist

Artists are very creative in their field of work. They can turn an ordinary lame horse into a classic painting. They can bring life to historical incidents through their creative thinking. Yes, they can depict entire warfare in just one art. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a creative person by your side?

3. Search In Different Ways

The search can be in different forms. It may either be a search for monumental edifice or a new person with special figures to draw. An artist has eyes for beautiful things, and that is a fact! So don’t be jealous when you see him taking a special look at the beautiful lady.

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4. Love to Build Contacts

They draw or paint for a living and building effective contacts is the way to earn from what they do. Thus, they search for potential patrons and clients for their work wherever they go. Artists don’t just search but also build strong connections with the patrons. So don’t be jealous when you see him/her taking the number of a hot girl or man.

5. They Are Not Clingy

An artist has busy schedules with deadlines to submit their works. They also undergo intense preparation before they put a pencil or brush to a paper. So the last thing such a person would want is a clingy partner. You should have a life aside from dating them and be independent as much as possible. They will prefer you to be around but not 24/7.

6.  Creative Beyond the Drawing Board

This may sound crazy, but to them it is creativity. They see no sense in being creative on the board but not in real life. They can try crazy outfits or hairstyles, damn the consequences. If it turns out well, it becomes a new fashion trend. Don’t go in for an artist if your parents are judgemental!

7. Want to be Inspired

Inspiration is what drives an artist to get close to perfection. An artist takes inspiration from the things around them, the natural environment, and odd moments that spike emotions. So they prefer to be around people who can inspire and create new ideas for their work.

8. They Want to Explore

Artists want their freedom to explore without any restrictions. Their independence is what they won’t exchange for all the rice in China. So don’t try to be domineering if you are dating an artist.

9. Don’t Expect Free Paintings

Please, the days of freebies are ending so live up to it. I don’t mean to say he/she would never paint your portrait, but there is a limit to that. Except you probably want to pose nude, which he may not want.

We all demand some favors and freebies when we need help from the profession, which our partner practices. But always demanding such freebies is not sexy. You sometimes need to show appreciation by paying for some of the favors. Thank You!

10. Dating an Artist means High Standards

Artists set high standards for themselves and work towards achieving it. They strive to exceed the quality of their current work in their next one. They would sometimes need your help to achieve that quality work. You wouldn’t need to be an expert to do that! You can tell them when a color is over-stressing or blurred, and he will appreciate it. Like their work, they would ensure that they take the relationship to a higher level.

11. Washing off Paint Stain

This isn’t funny because laundry is a tedious job for some women. But you don’t expect him to work with paints and come home with clean clothes. So be ready to wash your partners stained cloth all the time. So if you have a problem with that, stay off.

12. Drawing People Nude is Part of Their Job

The idea of drawing people nude is something many women can’t comprehend. These same women sometimes watch porn. So what is the difference between watching porn and drawing someone in a nude posture? Understandably, one is a reality, and the other is virtual, but in all, there is nudity. Drawing someone nude doesn’t mean anything. This is work, so you have to accept it.

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13.  Dating an Artist means a High Level of Endurance

They don’t mind starting all over again when something goes wrong with their work. Hence, they will endure whatever comes their way to make their painting close to perfect. Having such a person means, through thick and thorns, he/she would endure everything for you.

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