Dating an Entrepreneur – An Unique Experience!

Dating an Entrepreneur – Things You Must Know

First of all, are you considering dating an entrepreneur? Are you ready for all the wonderful experience and challenges that come with it? The fact that he/she will pay more attention to work than you? If yes, then you are in the right place. I am here to advise you on how to date an entrepreneur. Let’s start with how to spend time together.


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1. Schedules When Making Plans

Before you decide to make plans that involve dating an entrepreneur partner, you need to consider their schedules. They have hectic daily schedules, which can change at any time.  But you should also know that he doesn’t work the usual 9 t0 5. So, if you make plans around that time, you will end up disappointing yourself.

Therefore, refer to their to-do list if you want to give them a surprise or better still ask them about their daily schedule. Let him/her be aware of your plans to spend time together.

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2. Make Close Plans than Advance Ones

The schedules of entrepreneurs can change at any time. A meeting with a client can be rescheduled, and a new one can replace it. So, even if you are aware of their daily plans, things can change at any time.

Therefore, make your plans in 2 days for the expected date than planning about a week in advance. Probably, this can make you monitor the changes in his schedules to prevent disappointments. Dates like going out for a concert of movies may not work when dating an entrepreneur.


3. Join in their Hobbies

Partners who share a common interest are always happy together. And, that makes the relationship last longer. You know that your partner has busy schedules and normally does not have enough time to spend with you.

What you can do now is to identify their hobbies or interest and take an interest in it. This will keep you closer than you ever imagined. If his/her interest is reading, join him and ask questions while reading.

4. Have Backup Plans if you are Dating an Entrepreneur

Therefore to avoid being disappointed if your partner failed to attend to date, you should always be in the loop. Make backup plans for all your date. You can make a plan to invite a friend over or go to the movies in case your partner called to cancel a planned date.

Ups And Downs of Dating an Entrepreneur

As already said, entrepreneurs usually have changes in plans and schedules at any time. Let’s now look at how to handle the ups and downs that come with it.

1.  The mood can be Unpredictable

Entrepreneurs go through many ups and downs, and this normally affects their mood. They may be going crazy about a failed job, unresponsive clients, bad investment among several others. This can affect their mood immediately. Some entrepreneurs go bland after receiving bad news.

Hence, this can have some negative effects on your relationship. Whenever you see your partner in such a condition, try to calm him/her down. You need to study his mood before coming up with “stressful” conversations. Don’t try to add more salt to injuries.

2. Dating an Entrepreneur Means They Need Rest

Above all, rest is essential to the body, but sometimes entrepreneurs downplay the need for them to rest. They are workaholics, and their usual mantra is “hard work pays, it doesn’t break a bone.” But what is a success without good health? Let your partner understand the need for rest.

Make sure they rest when the need be to avoid overworking the body. As a result, overworking brings about stress and stress is a silent killer.

3.  Encourage Them In All Aspects

Life is full of ups and downs, and there is no way one can have things always 100%. There is time for joy and a time for sorrow. So just as you celebrate and share their happy moments with them, you have to do the same when there are bad times.

Thus, be their source of support and encouragement when things are not going as intended. So it inspires them to keep on and never to give up no matter the difficulties. Your support and encouragement during the times of difficulties can turn things around.

4. Let them Have their Space

Also, no one wants to be interrupted when making plans, especially during the thinking period. Entrepreneurs are mostly thinking of how to have a breakthrough or take advantage of a shortfall in the community they live in. So if they need space for that, and you have to give that space.

Don’t try to be a clingy partner because that won’t work when dating an entrepreneur. So when you see them in a reflective mood, relax, let them have that moment to themselves.

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5. Listen to Them

Also, entrepreneurs like to be listened to and will be open to their opinions no matter what. Because sometimes they want to share their frustrations with someone who would listen to them. Have time to listen to your partner even if you have no idea about what they are talking about.

Certainly, if you have any advice, offer it without being too hard on him/her. Pouring out such frustrations makes them feel ok, so take it cool.

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6. Encourage What They Do

So, I always say that entrepreneurs are special people with large ideas. So you can tap into their ideas by taking an interest in what they do. They will get closer to you when you show such interest, and you will love being their student.

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