New Year Resolutions For Couples In 2019

New Year ‘s Resolutions For Couples In 2019

When you are in a relationship, it is not only you who matters. You cannot only think about yourself. You have to think about your partner as well. A relationship will thrive if you create some collective goals or agendas in a relationship. Here are a few 2019 New Year resolutions for couples.

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The best and most creative time to set such goals and agendas is the time when the New Year dawns. A New Year means a fresh start. Achieving such goals gets a new impetus when you consider them as New Year resolutions.

Why Are Resolutions Good For Couples?

Involvement of both the persons in making these New Year resolutions is essential. This has the desired effect of harmonious growth and achievement in a relationship. A precise, clear-cut and unambiguous goal has the power to withstand external pressures. This can stand the test of time.

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There are several topics of interest in our daily life, which are common goals in our New Year resolutions. New Year resolutions taken in right earnest have the potential to strengthen your relationship.

Let us take a sneak peek at some New Year resolutions for couples. This can help you achieve two things at the same time. Sticking strongly to your own goals and also strengthening the bond of love with your partner.

1. Doing Household Works Together With Combined Effort

We often spend time together and eat either by getting some takeaways or by visiting an expensive restaurant. Such habits only help in increasing our weight and add an extra burden to our wallet. It is an excellent idea to have a New Year resolution of cooking together. You need not be an expert, high skilled cook to have such a New Year Resolutions for couples.

Cooking As Couples

Your cooking skills have got nothing to do with the resolution. The idea is to share each other’s company constructively. After having planned the course of your meal, you prepare them jointly with due care and attention.

The joy and satisfaction derived from such joint effort are unparalleled. They go a long way in strengthening and nurturing a relationship. Besides cooking, such joint efforts can be exercised in housekeeping as well. Doing household chores in the company of your partner will bring real pleasure to your relationship.

2. Giving each other the required Space Including the Digital One

The contents of our e-mail accounts and our mobile phones are the most private possession of a person in today’s world. Try not to sneak in into your partner’s email or mobile phone text messages.

Give each other the personal space both of you deserve and never breach the sanctity of such private possessions. Couples should encourage themselves in taking resolutions. They should not indulge in breaching the personal space of their partner under normal circumstances.

3. Working Out together

Health is wealth. A healthy body and mind ensure a healthy relationship. In today’s fast-paced, busy world, resolve working out together. Do the same together to motivate each other. Try to achieve better physical shape and other bodily results to a great extent. This can be one good New Year Resolutions for couples.

4. Treating your  Partner Well Enough

In a relationship, it is common to take your partner for granted after a while. Such treatments are sure to bring disaster in the relationship. Both partners should take a resolution not to treat his/her partner indifferently.

They should be careful enough not to abuse each other in any form, verbal or emotional, under any circumstances. Consequences of ill-treatment to your partner have a far-reaching implication. They have the potential to destroy the relationship permanently.

5. Giving Proper Attention To Your partner

New Year Resolutions for couples is by way of giving proper attention to each other. Your wholesome and undivided attention is necessary during the time of your mutual interaction.

Do not distract your attention while listening to your partner. Your partner should not feel any reluctance on your part in giving him the required attention. Resolve this effect together. It will go a long way in ensuring good mutual understanding between you and your partner.

6. Spending Time With The Family Of Your Partner

Human beings are social creatures. We live in with our families consisting of our parents, brothers, sisters and other family members. When we are in a relationship with somebody outside our family, we want our partner also get their due recognition among our family members.

To facilitate such recognition, it is important we interact. It also involves quality time with the family members of our partner. Such a resolution is important in bringing harmony and absolute peace of mind in the relationship. It will also help in bringing the couples to come closer together.

7. Developing Common Hobbies

It will be an amazing achievement if couples can develop common matters of interest or hobbies. Different persons have different hobbies, and it is such a personality trait by which you identify a person’s true personality.

New Year Resolutions For Couples

By developing common matters of interest, a couple can take their relationship to an amazing new level. Such a resolution will immensely help a couple to develop a stronger bond between the two.

8. Doing Charity Work Together

It is important to have a ‘feel good’ factor working between the couples. This should be one of the New Year resolutions for couples. Engage yourself in charity work. By doing it as a couple will be a good way to do something substantial for the society. Simultaneously work at making your relationship better.

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Couples will get a good feeling and feel proud about it. A New Year resolution to this effect will work wonders in binding your relationship together. This is done with a common chord of interest and will do a world of good to your relationship.


We take New Year resolutions so that we can follow them stringently from the beginning of a new year. The list of resolutions every couple should make this year form the core of activities a couple should stick to. There is no harm in broadening the scope of such resolutions. The basic idea of New Year resolutions for couples is to make the relationship strong and long-lasting.

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