Dating an Environmentalist – Go Green!

Dating An Environmentalist – Are they Romantic?

All environmentalists are passionate about nature and its conversation. They don’t-compromise when it comes to anything related to the environment and its discussion. So they are vocal about climate change, oil exploration, and pollution of the water bodies. Hence, they prefer to go organic and wouldn’t entertain anything GMO. Finally, the list goes on and on. If you are dating someone with such qualities, you are surely dating an environmentalist. But if you are yet to say yes to him/her, here are some things to know.

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1. Dating an Environmentalist means Anti-GMO

To an environmentalist, GMO is another effort by some individuals to alter nature to the detriment of mass individuals. But they believe that it is not safe for human consumptions and it has a long-term effect on humankind. So, they are always passionate about explaining the dangers of GMO to others. Certainly, they believe that GMO products should be labeled and not be left on the shelves disguised as organic. Don’t even dare to project anything GMO when you have an environmentalist as a partner.

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2. Believe Organic products

All those in support of GMO argue that it would promote food security as the world population increases. But, an environmentalist believes the argument is flawed, because, it’s just an excuse to control food production to the benefit of GMO investors.

Thus, environmentalists believe organic is healthy and the way to go as it has always been. So expect him/her to be extra careful in selecting what to eat. You can also help your partner by buying him/her organic products whenever ever you find yourself in the market. Because they are selective about what to consume, please bear with them.

3. Climate Change is a Big Deal

To Donald Trump, global warming is just a fallacy, but an environmentalist thinks otherwise. The unprecedented flooding, storms turning towns upside down because the rise in sea level is all evidence of climate change. So, if you saw your partner angry or feeling frustrated after Donald Trump’s climate change comment, it’s because he/she is passionate about the topic. But, if you share the ideas of Trump, then an environmentalist is not for you!

4. Driving always is a Sin

Why should you drive to add up to the pollution in the atmosphere, while you can join public transport? To environmentalists, driving private vehicles while there is a public one is a no-no. Saving the environment of carbon monoxide pollution is important to them than their comfort. So, be ready to join public transport and go for some walks intermittently if you are dating an environmentalist.

5.  Vacation Should be Near

If you are ever thinking of having a vacation very far from your home, then think twice. If there is no way you would travel by railway or driving distance. Certainly, traveling by air is one of the major contributors to atmospheric pollution. So, some environmentalists want nothing to do with air travel. If your partner is one of those, then, sorry but you would have to stay within a few kilometers during vacations.

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6. Showing up Sweaty is a Norm

So after getting off public transport, what’s next? Walking. Since they don’t use private transport, walking has become part of their lives. So, he/she may sometimes use a bicycle to journey. With this getting sweaty is unavoidable. But, I hope you wouldn’t mind having lunch with your sweaty partner after he/she returned from a long walk.

Dating An Environmentalist: Summary

The above are just a few things to know before dating an environmentalist. If you truly love him/her, then, you can reach a compromise to make things work.

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