Dating A Farmer – Dos and Don’ts

Things To Remember While Dating A Farmer

Without our hardworking farmers, man would have starved to death. But thank God for giving humankind the likes of farmers who make the world a better place to live. As you enjoy the tasty fruits and vegetables for healthy living, give thanks to the farmer. But do farmers also have a love like their counterpart in other professions? Certainly yes! Dating a farmer can be a blessing in disguise.

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You will get to learn so many things and will appreciate nature even more. But just like in other professions, there are dos and don’ts when dating a farmer. Here are a few of them.

Dos of Dating a Farmer

1. Plan Dates and Vacations When Harvesting Period is Over

There are two important periods in every farmer’s life. The planting and the harvesting session. Your farmer partner wouldn’t have enough time to go on dates much more on vacation in the planting season because that is when he puts seeds in the soil.

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After planting, there are other periods like spraying, which also keeps him busy. The last session is harvesting when he reaps the fruits of his labor.

Therefore the best period to plan any successful date or vacation is during post-harvesting. These seasons differ from continents or countries so plan according to the country’s seasons.

2. Involve Your Partner When Planning Date

Even though I have already mentioned the periods suitable for dates, that doesn’t mean he will be free. Farmers do many things after harvesting.

He may be looking for potential customers or planning towards the next season. So, if you need to involve him in whatever plans you have to avoid disappointments.

3. Show Some Interest in their Farm Work Stories

You may be new to farming and equipment used on the farm. But your farmer partner would want to share his happiness and down moments on the farm with you. Show some interest during this period.

Be happy for him if he tells you about new equipment he purchased and show some empathy when he tells you about parasite infestations on the farm.

4. Visit Him to the Farm

You may be a professional woman with busy schedules like your farmer partner. But it is a plus if you find time to visit him on the farm. You will come to appreciate the kind of stress he goes through daily to feed the people.

5. Learn the Names of Tools and Equipment

As you visit your partner on the farm, find time to learn the names of tools and equipment he uses. You may even want to learn how to use some of them. Your partner may need your help sometimes during a visit to the farm. You wouldn’t have to send him a spade when he asks for a rake.

6. Enjoy what he Prepares You

You may not be used to farm cooked food like roasted potatoes, hurriedly cook beans or anything that is on his menu at the time. But what can you do! Unless you are allergic to the food, enjoy it with him. For your information, farm cooked foods are very healthy.

7. Show Commitment

Showing commitment when dating a farmer can be in different forms. You need to be ready to wake up earlier than normal to help him prepare during planting and harvesting seasons.

You need to also forgo some personal interest to join your partner on the farm. And be ready to have your dates on the far.

Don’ts of Dating A Farmer

1. Don’t Complain About His Profession

If you love him, you have to love what she does. So never try to turn him off by complaining of how long he keeps in the farm or how dirty his working gears are. He works in the soil, so you don’t expect him to return him in clean cloth with a nice smell.

2. Don’t Always Expect Him Home Early

The farming world comes with a lot of uncertainties. He may leave home to do some normal routines on the farm but end up spraying because the farm is under attack.

So if he were expecting him home at 3 pm, he might end up returning at 5 pm. If you had a planned date, you would have to cancel it.

3. Don’t Complain About His Rough Hands

Working with a spade and cutlass or probably an ax to cut down trees will end him with rough hands. That is a hard hazard, and you don’t need to complain about it. You can maybe buy him a hand cream for soft hands, but that may be a waste of time and money.

dating a farmer

4. Don’t Wear White Dress to the Farm

Let me end this piece with this small advice. The farm is not a hospital environment that you can go with a white dress and still return clean.

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The road to the farm and work on the farm all involve dirt. So, get colored clothing when visiting your partner on the farm. Now that you know all the dos and don’ts you can go ahead and enjoy your relationship with the farmer. Don’t forget to thank me later.

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