Dating A Drug Addict – Sad Truths

Why You Should Never Date a Drug Addict

Dating a drug addict or junkie is a real job on its own. You will have to tolerate all their nonsense and vices. You will have to help them through their relapse and the many other things associated with addicts.

When you are already dating an addict, you become patient trying to help them through their rehabilitation but to what end! Most of them go back to level one and have to start all again. The worse thing is you feel guilty whenever you try to quit the relationship because you feel obliged to help them out.

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But can you change someone who is not ready to change? No. Before you get yourself into that mess, here are reasons you should never date a drug addict.

1. You may be a Victim

There is a proverb that goes, “birds of the same feathers flock together. But I say, “to be able to fly with a bird with a different color, you need to become like them. This is what happens when dating a drug addict. As if the trouble they cause you is not enough, he/she may try to introduce you to the act.

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This is because they feel more comfortable with people of their likes. So he/she would convince you to have a try. To help them abstain, you may try to have a feel of the drugs to have a personal experience to be able to convince them. This is a dangerous path because that was exactly how they also fell for drugs. Some drugs like cocaine are very addictive that, you may never come out of it after giving it the first try.

2. They never want to Stop Using Drugs

The use of drugs gives addicts some form of self-security, assurance and make the “high.” After using drugs, they can do what they can’t do to their normal self. So this makes it very difficult for them to stop.

They never want to lose the kind of fantasy drugs gives them. So while you try hard to make them stop, they feel the urge to do it more. Do you want to date someone who sees nothing wrong with what they do?

3. I see them as Selfish

Drug addicts are very selfish. They always seek for what will make them happy at the expense of others. So while you try to get them on track, your efforts will be in vain because that is not their priority.

Also, you may never be treated with importance when you are dating a drug addict. To them, drugs are their first love, and you may be a secondary matter. Do you want to date someone who sees you as an option?

4. The Relationship will be Left Hanging

You will be left in the middle of nowhere when you are dating a drug addict. He may have to choose between you or the drugs. And obviously, he may go for the drugs but would still want to be with you. This will leave the relationship hanging.

The addiction makes it very difficult for them to be committed to any other thing. So instead of making the relationship work, you will have to help him/her in battling their addictions.

5. They are Violent

Most drug addicts are very violent, and they perpetrate all forms of crimes. Check the history of most prisoners, and you will notice that most of them have used drugs one way or the other. They do drugs that make them “feel high” and easy to commit a crime. You will be dating a potential prisoner is you are dating a drug addict.

6. Emotional Instability

Drug addicts are unpredictable. They can have a mood swing at any time. You will get them in a perfect mood and look lively when they have the needed dose of drugs in them. However, things may look different when on relapse or out of drugs. You will have to deal with these swings in your entire relationship with that addict.

7. You Would be Force to Tolerate his Addict Friends

As already stated, birds of the same feathers flock together. Your home may be a meeting place for their other addict friends. What can you do, but tolerate them? The more you relate to such people, the more you fall into what they do. Flee from such a bad company by not dating a drug addict.

8. Dating an Addict can Dent Your Image

Whom are you dating? Your answer, a drug addict from Mississippi. Like seriously? How are you going to introduce your partner to your friends and family? What if other people in the community know he/she is an addict. This can dent your social image as some people may consider you also as a drug addict.

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9. They Always Have Money Problem

Give them $1000 dollar a day and they will ask for more. This is because drugs are very expensive and they get indebted to many people to sustain their act. So if they are out of cash for drugs, you will be their next point of call.

Date a drug addict

He/she will always resort to lies to get money from you. He/she may even steal from you to buy drugs. Also, they think of drugs than any other thing. Therefore you will have to take care of their clothing and even food. This is such a job!

10. Most Addicts are Irresponsible

They don’t want to take responsibility for any other thing. They live a carefree life and can’t even cater to their selves. How can such a person be responsible for a relationship? You will have to make things work or forget it.

11. The Trust Issues

I can’t end this piece without talking about trust. Trust is critical in every relationship. Without it, things may not work. But how can you trust someone who has been lying to you always? They lie to you to get money. They lie about where they are at a particular time and many others.

Once you find out, it will be difficult to trust them again, and this can be the beginning and end of the relationship. To save yourself from all those above and even more, never try dating a drug addict. If you have any form of sympathy for them, you can help without dating them.

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