5 Signs That Show You Are a Love Addict

5 Signs That Show You Are a Love Addict

Yes, you are here because you need help. Don’t wait for that bona fide reality to strike you. You might not know what’s wrong with you right now, but you are headed in the wrong direction. If you’ve reached the point of feeling powerless and second-rate, seek external help.

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It isn’t doubted that you are turning into a love addict. Although you know that you don’t fit in his or her shoes, you want to keep close as two coats of paints. You might have tried tons of times to leave, but intense love keeps you on the cycle. If the statement defines your current habit, being alone isn’t your cup of tea.

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It drips down to a point where you don’t have boundaries. At this stage, you are prone to form a close relationship with a stranger without your consent. In other words, a love addict believes that he or she must depend on another person for complete satisfaction.

Don’t think of ending your relationship with a love addict. If this happens, anger, betrayal, blame, and pain will rule his or her world. Others won’t be able to go on with their lives not unless you’ve achieved intellectual fulfillment. With all of the above sentiments, it’s not appropriate to be in love with love.

I hope I am making sense here? Anyway, read on and grasp how to let go of your love addiction symptoms:

1. You Are More Attached to an Abusive Partner

A love addict is drastically attracted to a vulgar and rude partner. Yes, he might kick and curve you like a soccer ball without an apology. You are more destined to be surrounded by a sense of denial, but you’ve got no choice but to keep still.

No matter the state, you’ll try to protect your lover by having thoughts that he/she is the ideal mate. In the end, you will slack-off your focus hence dismissing recurring signs of an uncaring relationship. At this point, life doesn’t mean tons for you. For this reason, you’ll find solace with sex addicts.

2. Doesn’t Exist In His/her World

If you find yourself hoping against hope that your union will improve with time, you might be a love addict. You might have an utmost clue and evidence that this isn’t the way to go, but you don’t want to forgo. Pulling away isn’t part of your plan but staying up close is your end aim.

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It comes to a point where you forget about your closest friends and family members. Besides, love addicts tend to neglect their spiritual, emotional and physical needs. In other words, they are unable to focus on their day to day activities. Instant mood swings control their world like nobody’s business.

*True love is undeniably a beautiful feeling, but when it drips down to the point of no recognition, it’s poisonous. It is here that love addicts define it as an uninteresting journey where a healthy union is boring to them.*

3. Prone to Harming Themselves for The Sake Of Others

A love addict is destined to do anything just to please his or her dear one. Such behaviors include spending tons of money to buy their loved ones expensive gifts. They can go to the extent of changing their well-being. These include liposuction and other cosmetic formulas and intense exercise with a motive of impressing your date. At times a love addict tries to entice their partner how other living souls are interested in them.

4. You Seek Your Partner like a Thousand Times a Day

It comes to a point where life gives you another turn, and you desperately need that job. You are there busy cramming your interview questions, but you just can’t let your partner go. Hanging out with you is the ideal way he or she can deal with now.

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It doesn’t matter what you do, but you have to drag him in your productive deals. Even if you are going to a ladies night out or bachelorette party, he or she has to be there. That’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

5. You Are a Rule Maker But Also A Rule Breaker

You find that love addicts tend to make hard rules, but it becomes too easy for them to loosen up. Furthermore, you plan not to meet on weekdays, but you eagerly want to see this person. Spending some time alone isn’t part of their plan. They are always busy searching for nothing else other than “The One and only.”

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How to Let Go Of Intense Feelings? Caring for oneself is the ultimate goal to unhand the love addiction menace. You don’t have to live with it for the rest of your life. The good news is that it’s possible to recover from it. However, to loosen up quickly, you need to leave a toxic or abusive relationship.

Love addiction is also equal to that of a drug addict. It can be daunting to get rid of something that you love, but you’ve got no choice. To do this with less effort, don’t keep close contact with the person and if need be, leave as soon as possible.

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First and foremost, set your boundary and be ready to follow your rules to the core. Another thing is to find a local therapist who specializes in love addiction and recovery process. Plan to have a “no contact” group day where you can discuss your problems. The team will give you a chance to focus on a productive routine.

Above anything else, try to love yourself more than others. However, discipline and commitment need to be employed at all cost. The whole process can be natural if you take possible action. No matter the state, learn to be in control of what you do and with whom. It’s certain that you won’t be able to control your emotions, but it all sums up to how you behave at the end.

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