Dating In Your Early 20s? Here Are 8 Things You Should Know

Dating Advice For the Early 20s

Clocking 20 is fun right? Well, it gets better as you begin to indulge yourself in serious dating. The idea of dating while you are in your early 20s could be the best thing that would ever happen in your lifetime. If you doubt this, ask those that are in their early 30s. Dating while you are in your early 20s is beyond comparison.

The fun and excitement you get out of it are beyond words. Those that have passed this stage wish that they could turn back time.

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Undeniably, dating while you are in your early 20s has got its ups and downs. To most people, it represents a stage in life worth going through.

This is the time when your feelings have just been heightened, and you are not sure whether you are in love or not. Therefore, there are certain things that you should be aware of as you date during this stage.

1. No one is looking for a serious relationship

When getting into relationships during your roaring 20s, there is a possibility that you might be out in search of true love. Truly, true love exists out there but in your early 20s rest assured that you will not find one.

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No one out there is in search of a serious relationship. In most cases, a good number of those that date are simply out to have fun. Therefore, you should enjoy it while it lasts.

2. It is not the time to get jealous

Another thing that you ought to understand while dating during this stage is that it is not the right time to be jealous. Why should you waste your time getting jealous over your lover while everyone is dating another individual?

The boyfriend or girlfriend that you have could be dating other people while dating you at the same time. This is a normal thing while you are in your early 20s. Thus, to be on the safe side, you only need to make sure that your options are open for anything.

3. Online dating will drive you nuts

You will fall in love with the fact that you can easily get hooked with someone else by simply communicating over the internet. Well, from the experience that people have gone through; online dating is not as easy as it sounds.

This does not necessarily mean that things might not work out with your internet boyfriend. The only issue here is that the drama that tags along with it might be a challenge for you to bear.

Hence, if you have alternatives to turn to, you might opt to casually date as you garner experience along the way.

4. No one is ready to talk

An interesting aspect of dating while one is in their early 20s is that they are never ready to open up to each other. Believe it or not, most of them would find it easier to have sex rather than sitting and talking for the entire day. This means that if you are out to learn more about your partner while you are in your 20s, then you might be disappointed.

All your friends out there are out to get naked and have fun. Therefore, when you are in Rome, do as Romans do. It would be the best way in which you would enjoy dating while you are young.

5. You are likely to get more invites for drinks

As people get older, the habit of drinking while on their dates gets faced off. Interestingly, when dating in the early 20s, young couples opt to drink rather than eating of having dinner. Here’s the reason why. First, the idea of drinking sounds more interesting and fun. Secondly, drinking is cheaper hence budget friendly.

Third, it gets lovers in the mood to have fun real quick. As a result, young couples could get to know each other in a matter of minutes, thanks to drinking. While doing this, it is imperative that you drink with the right company that is responsible.

6. Defining your relationship will never be easy

Another thing that you ought to understand while dating in your 20s is that you will never really define your relationship. Yes, this is true for most young relationships. Couples might spend time together for years, and yet they do not know where they are heading to.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend might have sex with you often, but they can never admit you have something going on. This kind of relationship could happen as individuals are never ready to admit that they should be serious with each other. Hence, everybody enjoys the fling kind of relationship. As a result, you should be ready to go with the flow.

7. Taking the lead

Young relationships are all about directing each other. This is to mean that you might want someone who is responsible and capable of showing you the way.

This is how young love gets to be appreciated by young lovers. As you get older, it should not be surprising that you might want to push for equality in the relationship. It is for this reason that couples would talk about sitting together and sharing ideas. Well, you will get to this stage with time.

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8. You might never want to take a break

Dating in your 20s will always be filled with lots of drama. Additionally, you would also yearn for a partner capable of keeping up with you.

This should not be surprising as you want to live the fast life you have always heard of. As you get older into your 30s, you would seek for a partner that can tame you. Therefore, your roaring twenties is a stage that you would want to remember for the crazy things you did while dating. Thus, you should make it count!


To sum it up, dating can be both exciting and disappointing. You only need to make sure that you understand what happens at your stage of dating. If you are in your 20s, do not take things seriously as you will only open yourself up for disappointments. Just be ready to experience dating in a whole different level as everyone is doing.

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