8 Signs You Are Dating A Gold Digger

8 Signs You Are Dating A Gold Digger

A gold digger is essentially a person who becomes your boyfriend/girlfriend with the sole intention of gaining material benefits from you. Identifying the gold digger characteristics is not rocket science and such people can be identified quite easily if you pay attention to their behavior.

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A gold digger will be more in love with your wallet than with you. Here are the traits which certify that the one you are dating is a 24-carat signs of a gold digger. So learn how to deal with gold diggers right away.

1. They Want to Know All about Your Financial Status Right on the Very First Date

A person who is interested more in minting money from you will want to know all about your job, your position, and your salary. And, mind you, it is not just for general knowledge!


If your date keeps asking you questions that require revealing information about your financial status, these are signs of a gold digger woman. It is a clear sign that he/she is very much interested in knowing about the amount of money you make per day. By gaining knowledge about how sound you are moneywise, they are just calculating how much benefit they can gain by dating you.

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2. The Best Gift does NOT Come from The Heart; It Comes from The Store

You may be of the opinion that the best gifts are the ones you give from your heart. But your partner vehemently contradicts your opinion. Gifts with sentimental values are of no use to them. All they want are gifts whose prices touch the sky. Be it an anniversary gift or a birthday gift or even a plain apologetic gift; the most important criterion is it must be expensive! Some gold diggers are also good at throwing tantrums.

They become angry at the drop of a hat, pick up fights for no reason whatsoever and will not be pacified until you say sorry first. Apart from a heartfelt sorry, you must give them a gift as an apology. Fights are used as trump cards to gain valuable gifts.

3. All Your Partner’s Friends are Gold-diggers

A person is known by the company he/she keeps. If the one you are dating is always surrounded by people who appear to be gold diggers, their traits will rub off on your partner too.


4. Your Partner will Never Pay

Your date does not know the meaning of splitting the bill. Shelling out money from their own pockets is the last thing on their minds. If you are going for a meal along with your partner and your friends, they may even make you pay not only for them but also for their friends.

Your partner expects you to pay for their restaurant bills and also for their other expenses like their shopping bills, rents, etc. They treat you like nothing less than a walking-talking ATM and won’t even shy away from asking you for money right on your face.

5. They Project Themselves as High Maintenance People

Does your partner gets dressed up in the finest of clothes and the blingiest of jewelry? Does your girlfriend always cake up her face with layers of makeup and all her cosmetics belong to high-end brands?

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A fashion-conscious partner who tries to show that they belong to the elitist class of the society and can go to any length to maintain this image of theirs are definitive gold diggers. They love to flaunt their good looks enhanced with the best of outfits and accessories. But all that they flaunt have been bought using someone else’s wealth.

6. Use Sex as A Weapon to Mint out Money

Your partner wants to make you happy in bed, but that too comes at a price. They will use sex as a tool to mint out money from you. Every time they go down, your expenses will go up.

7. Your Partner Shows no Interest in You

Barring your financial status, your partner does not know anything about you. They seem least bothered by your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. They make no efforts in getting to know you as a person. The two of you are unable to hold a meaningful conversation.


It happens because the other person is disinterested in you and wants to focus only on your money. Such gold digging persons are never good listeners. They will keep talking but only about superficial things like the new Jimmy Choo store that opened down the road or the solitaire ring her best friend received as a gift from her boyfriend.

8. You Feel that They are Not ‘Real’

A person who gives no importance to emotions and the foundation of their entire life is pretense will never be able to become a good human being. They live in a world far away from reality and often have their faces covered in a mask. But when you start dating them, it won’t take you long to see their true colors.

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If you take a look at their dating history, you may also find out that they have been insouciantly using people as staircases to reach the pinnacle of success and wealth.


A person with even 50% of these traits is a sure shot gold digger, and you need to maintain distance from such people. Love has no price. People who quote a price for love often offer low value. You’re better off without them as you deserve someone better than a diamond encrusted gold digger. Next, you will have to work out how to avoid gold diggers.

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