Dating a Selfish Person – 7 Signs

Dating A Selfish Person – How To Guide

Have you ever encountered or dated a selfish person? Having a selfish partner can be one of your worst relationship experience. Some people are so selfish to their bone that it has taken over all aspects of their life. They want everything to be about them and be centered around them, be it in their career or relationship. But how do you identify that your partner is selfish in the relationship? Here are some signs that you are dating a selfish person.

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1. They Set Relationship Rules in their Favour

Selfish people are less committed to a relationship; nonetheless, they want everything to be in their favor. If you want to date such a person, you have to go by their rules. Their expectations are always high. And, they judge you according to it. The worse thing about dating a selfish person is that their rules may not favor you in any way.

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2. They May Not Care About the Other’s Feeling

As already stated, when you are dating a selfish person, they put his/her interest first at the expense of their partner. It goes across the board in all aspects of the relationship. So you may not be in the mood for sex, but your selfish partner will force his way through to satisfy himself at your expense. A selfish partner can take decisions that may affect you in a way, but wouldn’t consult you. They don’t care about what you feel about whatever they do.

3. They Expect You to Always Make the Move

Selfish people are more relaxed when it comes to a relationship. They don’t want to make any effort. But in the end, they demand more. You will always have to do the visiting, make most of the calls to check up on them and work towards the success of the relationship. All they want to do is to relax, watch, and enjoy.

4. They Are Interested In What You Do And Not Who You Are

Selfish lovers are more interested in what they will get in the relationship not witnessing the character or qualities of the people they date. They are with you because of what you do for them, your status and accomplishment. They are just not interested in your personality. Without the things you do, they wouldn’t be with you.

5. Dating a Selfish Person Means Controlling

Where are you going? Why didn’t you come on time? Why didn’t you answer my call? Next time give me notice before going out. These are the experiences you will have when dating a selfish person. They are super controlling and would want to control all aspects of your life. Meanwhile, they won’t entertain you interfering in their lives.

6. They Are The Me Type and Not the We or Us

Being self-centered, they always talk about them and not you. They prefer using I than we or us. So you may hardly hear them say, “we need to achieve this together” or “let us plan our future together.”The most you will hear is I want this, can you help me with that, etc. They choose their priority over yours.

dating a selfish person

7. They Don’t Want You to Surpass Them

Your selfish partner may be a hindrance to your success and breakthrough. They don’t want to see you achieve more than they have been it educational, career or status.

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So directly or indirectly they may try to sabotage your efforts. If you are aspiring to do your masters while your selfish partner only has a first degree, he/she may try to discourage you. They may even tell you it is a waste of time and money. Dating a selfish person means they don’t want you to surpass them in any way.

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