Dating A Shopkeeper – Tips And Tricks

Dating A Shopkeeper

Do you have a crush on a shopkeeper or have you ever dated one? If you have, what was the experience like? If you are yet to, I hope this piece finds you well. Dating a shopkeeper comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

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So when your crush tells you he/she is a shopkeeper, it can be great news or may be received with some skepticism depending on the person involved. However, the thought of dating a shopkeeper unsettles many people.

This is because they are seen as cheats, and some of them live a flirty lifestyle. That notwithstanding, they are supportive and hardworking, to say the least. So now let’s go through the pros and cons of dating a shopkeeper.

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Pros of Dating a Shopkeeper

1. They are Employed

In our modern world, it is very difficult to find a decent job. Industries have been struggling to offer college graduates jobs. Nonetheless, everyone wants a partner who at least has something to live on.

If you are such a type, then dating a shopkeeper is never a bad idea. They are gainfully employed are mostly have job security. As such dating, a shopkeeper will mean an appreciable level of financial security for now and the future.

2. They are supportive

Some people underrate the capabilities of shopkeepers. It is a fact that they are low-income earners. But, that won’t stop them from giving the necessary support when needed. With the little he/she earns, they can support the house by helping to pay bills. Talking about support, they can also give you emotional support.

3. They are Understanding

This is not a weakness but a strength. Shopkeepers are very understanding due to the nature of their job. They understand the needs of people and provide just that. This is what you will get when you date a shopkeeper. You can easily convince them when you need something done. But wait, you shouldn’t take advantage of this.

4. They are hardworking

Waking up in the morning and going to work is by no mean an easy task. Shopkeepers are hardworking. They like putting things in place and keeping things around them in order. Every shopkeeper lives with the dream of being promoted from shop keeping to a position far better. With this, they work hard while at work. Their commitment to work is super awesome. They often translate this attribute of hard work to their normal life at home. They work hard to keep their homes looking tidy and nice.

5. They know how to Communicate

Shopkeepers are very good communicators. Due to the nature of their job, shopkeepers learn to communicate with different people from different walks of life daily. They know that the best way to keep a customer is through better communication and human relations. With this, they polish their communication skills per the experience they have each day, and this makes them better communicators. I don’t need to overemphasize the importance of communication in a relationship.

Cons of Dating a Shopkeeper

1. They are always busy

Shopkeepers have very busy schedules. Those of them who work in bigger establishments also do run a shift. So it’s either your partner is  not a home earner or goes for a night shift.

While at work, they are always busy attending to the needs and request of customers. They work long hours each day and this even put a strain on them. You may not always have them around due to their schedules. So if you are the type who want their partner always around, then a shopkeeper is not for you.

2. They May Return Home Exhausted

As already stated, shopkeepers stand on their feet for long hours and this can be exhausting. Your partner may, therefore, return home very tired. The only thing they would need at such time is a good sleep and not long chats. This can even affect their sex life. They are hard to please.

dating a shopkeeper

Dating A Shopkeeper: Summary

Shopkeepers general turn to develop a “do it yourself” attitude and are always not satisfied when someone does trivial works for them. They always feel no one can do it the way they want it and hence they hardly show appreciation for a work done for them especially when they are very capable of doing the same thing.

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One must always bear in mind that when it comes to issues of dating and relationship no one person has it all therefore who you decide to date or not is purely a matter of preferences which differ from person to person.

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