Dating A Writer – Reasons You Should!

Reasons You Should Date A Writer

I hope you found the piece on “what you need to know before dating a writer” very intriguing? At least it gave you insight, and I believe it was helpful? This has prompted me to write about why you need to date a writer. Dating a writer is nothing close to rosy, but it can be an interesting adventure. Also, they are flexible, will write about you, and keep you entertained. If that is not enough a reason, there are other reasons to date a writer.

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1. They Will Write about You

This can be either good or bad, but don’t worry your name won’t be mentioned. It will be fictional. Writers sometimes take personal experience into their writings.

They write about the good, bad and ugly things they encounter in their job and relationships. You if you give him/her a good experience, they will write about likewise for bad experiences.

Also, if you tell them about your personal life stories and they find it worthy of sharing, he/she will surely write about it.

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2. We Create Stories Whether True or False

We write for a living, so we find ways to sustain that living. I wouldn’t say we lie in the stories we create, but not all of them are factual. Ok, even if we lie, it is positively.

We can lie about so many things to keep you in suspense. If you catch us planning a date or an anniversary party, we may lie that it is for a friend. Isn’t it lovely to surprise you? So what is the big deal when we lie to achieve that?

3. Dating A Writer is Easy Going

We don’t need the Gucci’s or Armani’s to show class or status. We are just a simple crop of people. All we need is a nice top and pant, and there we go. We don’t live an expensive life so we wouldn’t take you to the expensive restaurants in town.

This is because, we value what we earn and always want to safeguard the little earning. Just as we wouldn’t spend a fortune on you, we don’t expect you to do anything contrary. During our anniversary, you can buy a nice pen or an empty journal as a gift, and we will appreciate it.

4. You Can Always Follow Us

Every serious writer has a blog, website, or an online portal. Staying on the web has become part of our daily lives because we want people to read what we write.

Unlike the dark days were publications solely done in printing, writers now have the luxury of the internet. So you can follow his works on the web and ask your family and friend to always read his pieces.

5. Writers are Passionate

Once they are set to do something, not all the rice in China can back them down. Being passionate about topics drives them to take all the pains in writing.

Writing wouldn’t mind burning all the night candles to ensure their projects are completed on schedules. So he/she would be passionate about you once they fall in love. Who doesn’t want a partner who is passionate about them?

6. They are Good Communicators

Writing is a form of communication and writers do that so well. Writers communicate with thousands of people through their books and blogs. So, if he/she can communicate with that vast number of people, you are just a no deal. Whenever you feel like having a long conversation, fall on your writer partner. It can be a debate, ideal sharing, or an advice-seeking venture.

7. They are Supportive

When you are dating a writer, he/she will support you in all your endeavors. They know how challenging it is to follow a dream and achieve and they face such challenges each day.

dating a writer

So there is no way, he/she would ask you to give up on your dreams and aspirations. They will rather support you through it until those goals are achieved.

8. They are Current Because they Read

Writers are current because they love to read. From politics, health, lifestyle and social issues, they are always on top of the current happenings around them.

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But, the good thing is that they prefer to share whatever they read with the people around them. When you are dating a writer, you can read your favorite books together and have a review of it. This is sexy.

9. They Know How to Manage Finances

Writing is not a “lucrative” job, and normally writers do not enjoy the fruit of their labor. But, they know they don’t have a steady stream of income. So, they try to manage whatever they have.

Sometimes, it takes months for a writer to get a deal, and even with that, there is some rejection of work. Therefore, they manage whatever they have well. Dating a writer who is money conscious is necessary.

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