What Are Men Thinking On Their First Date?

Thoughts Men Have On Their First Date

When it comes to dating, there are times when lovers wish they could read each other’s minds. This is to ensure that the dating game never gets complicated as it usually is. Well, men and women think differently more so during their first dates. Understanding what men are thinking on their first date could help in ensuring that people end up dating each other for the right reasons.

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Unfortunately, there is a picture that society has with regards to what men think during the first date. In most cases, people tend to think that men only think about sex and how they would take their women to bed. This is not true. Yes, this might cross their minds. But, it is not part of their priorities as you are dating for the first time. Here is a look at what goes behind men’s heads during the first date.

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1. The moment of silence

One thing that eats men up during the first date is the moment of silence. Undeniably, regardless of the many times, you have dated, there is that moment of silence that comes during the first date. Men would want to do their best and avoid such unpleasant moments on your first date.

Therefore, the chances are that they might opt for some activities during this date. For instance, you might go for lunch and later on the go for a walk.

This is one way how the date could be interesting and less boring. Going from one environment to the other could be in a man’s mind during your first date.

2. Men will focus on how you laugh

Whether you think you are hot or that you have a beautiful smile, a man would focus on how you laugh during your first date. If you are the type that gets crazy and blasts out laughter capturing everyone’s attention, then you might want to tone that down.

Men yearn for women who show their gentle nature through their laughter. For example, you might choose to giggle sexily rather than opening your mouth wide open. Understanding what are men thinking on their first date will help a lot in making sure that your first date turns into a success.

3. Who makes the first move?

Gone are the days where men are the only ones to make the first move. As a confident woman who is sure of yourself, you can also choose to make the first move. This is sexier than it sounds. During the first date, men anticipate making their first move.

Therefore, they would be careful to ask for your contacts at the most convenient time possible. With this in mind, you can go against the odds by asking them for their contacts. This would be a big turn on to them. The best part is that it would make things to flow smoothly during the first date.

4. Getting the message clear

Getting the message clear is what men are thinking on their first date. Apart from checking your looks and enjoying the smile you offer them during the first date, men would also want to get the message clear about the relationship you have.

They expect women to inform them about how the date went. Therefore, it would be romantic for a woman to text back a man immediately after the date is over. Simply inform them that you enjoyed the moment. Perhaps you could go the extra mile and inform them that a second date would be nice.

men thinking on their first date

Such things would take your relationship a higher notch. The ideas might sound too simple, but they would surely add flavor to your quest for love through dating.


From the information offered concerning what are men thinking on their first date, one could enjoy their first date. By understanding how a man thinks, it makes it convenient to close the deal and make things work for them easily.

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Women ought to understand that they could turn things their way by simply knowing what men think. In this case, knowing what he thinks during the first date would help you be at the top of your dating game. With this in mind, rest assured of what are men thinking on their first date which could turn into something blissful.