Dating a Nomad – Pros and Cons

Think Before Dating Someone with Nomadic Lifestyle

Dating someone with a wanderlust syndrome is a situation easier said than done. It is almost impossible for someone with a normal lifestyle to date a nomad. It demands adjustments, commitments, understanding, and sacrifices. But there are also some advantages in dating a nomad. To cut a long story short, here are some pros and cons in dating a nomad.

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Benefits of a Nomadic Relationship

1. Lot of Gifts

Who doesn’t want to be showered with gifts? Nothing is so refreshing than when someone you love to gives you something special. When you are dating a nomad, this is one thing to expect.

Whenever your partner is returning from a trip, they will try to buy you something special. Be it an artifact from Turkey, leather goods from Italy, wine from South Africa or a Dala Horse from Sweden. You will be spoiled with a gift when you date a nomad.

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2. Traveling Opportunities

If you have never traveled out of your country in your entire life, then dating a nomad is a great opportunity for you. You can decide to join your nomad partner in one of their trips.

This can also give you a real insight into what they go through when out there. Aside from serving as an eye-opener for you, you will also experience different cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles. It can be a real educational tour for you.

3. Missing your Partner

This may sound crazy on the surface, but deeply it is a pro. Even though it sounds like a disadvantage, missing people has its advantages. You don’t get to appreciate people until they are far away from you. No matter how troublesome one may be, we miss them one way or the other.

This happens when you are dating a nomad. You will get to know how much you are attached and deeply in love with them when they are away. This can spice up the relationship.

4. They Have a lot of Stories to Share

Your partner will have a lot of stories to share as they return from their trip. It can be personal stories or those they have witnessed. You will get to hear interesting stories like their bags being snatched for which they had they chase the thief like what happens in Hollywood movies or getting missing in the middle of nowhere. They also have something to share with you.

5. Gaining New Experience

Someone may ask, how is this is a benefit? Ok, let delve deeper now. The experience your partner gets from places they travel to can improve your relationship. They can also share such experiences with you for you to learn from them. So even though you don’t travel with them, they create a picture of whatever they witnessed during the trip.

6. You will have Time for Yourself

It is sometimes good to have some independence; I mean space, during a relationship. You can have this when you date a wanderlust. Whenever your partner is out for a trip, you can have time to do your things. You can have some good time with your friends and family and pursue your interest. You are just free to do anything you wouldn’t do when your partner is around.

Cons of Dating a Nomad

1. Loneliness

You will be lonely most of the time when you date a nomad. Your loneliness would be much more than what Akon talks about in his track “Lonely.” I am not trying to tease you, but you have to face reality.

Enduring the night cold alone during winter is just the least of it. You are doomed if your partner is to spend the next three or six months out there.

2. It Gives Room for Cheating

When the loneliness becomes unbearable, it creates the need to get comfort from someone else, and this is where the problem lies. A relationship with a nomad is open to cheating and infidelity. While they are there, other people may be hitting on them, and the same applies to you. You may also be seeing another person because your partner is not around. So it is either you are cheating on each other, or one is cheating.

3. Lack of Communication

When your partner travels to an area with a bad network connection, communication between you can break. This can create a lot of problems considering the importance of communication in a relationship.

4. Lack of Sexual Satisfaction

You wouldn’t just feel lonely, but also you will be starved sexually. Unlike communication issues, this cannot be used in any other way than physical presence. While your partner is away, you would have to wait until they return to satisfy yourself sexually. This is what mostly causes the cheating aspect. When you are feeling for sex and your partner is not around, you will find other options.

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5. Full of Uncertainties

Dating a nomad comes with uncertainties. You wouldn’t know whether to move on or not. Will they ever stop their numerous travels and settle down with you? Will he or she even return from the trip to be with you again? These uncertainties put a drain on the relationship.

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6. Difficult to Plan

Nomads have their schedules for almost every day, which makes it difficult to give them a surprise date or plan for their anniversaries. You will, therefore, need to plan with them all the time or have a spy on their to-do-list. Either than that, you can’t give them a surprise date.

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