8 Surprising Facts On What Makes Great Marriages Thrive

8 Surprising Facts On What Makes Great Marriages Thrive

Marriages are never easy. Only a few people tend to make it past 5 years together. However, there are still those people that make it past 10 or 20 years. When people gaze at such marriages, there is a lot to learn from them. Without doubt, when two people have been married for ten years or more, they have been through a lot together. They must have fought, compromised each other, and committed to each other. Well, there are many things that can be learnt from these marriages. The good thing is that they keep people motivated that marriages can still work regardless of societal negative perceptions about marriage.

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If you take time to ask those that have been together for ages, they would certainly share some of their secrets to their happy and long-lasting marriages. Some of these tips that would keep your marriage going are briefly discussed below.

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1. Sex

One of the main reasons why married couples often fall out of love is when they lose the interest of having sex together. This is a delicate area that always leads to unhappy marriages. Well, sex should bring excitement to your marriage life. The fact that you have been married for seven years does not mean that you should have sex only once in a year. Certainly Not! Getting things to a higher notch would make things feel as though you just met. Try and spice up your sex life. Go out and have fun while the babysitter is watching over your kids. Ensure that you spend the entire night together. This would remind you of the moments you used to enjoy when you first met.

2. Apologize

Your marriage would only be brought down due to pride. If you are too proud to apologize when there is a high chance that your marriage would fail after a few months or years. Saying sorry should not be a difficult thing to do if at all you wish to make your marriage work. Surprisingly, the word ‘sorry’ would resolve any disputes that might arise. Before you jump into any fights in your marriage, admit that you are on the wrong side and apologize. This means a lot to your partner.

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3. Picture Losing Your Partner After A Terrible Fight

Do you love your partner that much? If yes, then ponder on a situation where your partner leaves you after fighting with each other. There is some sadness that you would certainly feel. Probably a heartbreak? This is the love that you have for them. Taking this picture in mind every time you think of fighting would ensure that you treasure the loving moments you share with your marriage partner. It keeps your marriage stronger as it minimizes the number of fights you would be having together.

4. Connect Emotionally Through Your Hugs And Kisses

Once people get married, they often forget to kiss each other before leaving for work. Alternatively, couples simply make quick hugs and kisses and rush out of their homes. Well, to make your relationship work and keep the love burning, you need to try harder.

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Do not hug your partner as though you are in a rush. Make them feel as though they are the most important person in this world. Therefore, hug them for 2 minutes and tell them how much they mean to you. If you must kiss, make it count.

5. Take Walks Together

Before you got married, you used to visit the park together where the air would be clear for both of you. Perhaps you used to spend the entire weekends together doing the things that make you happy. Question is; what has changed? Making your marriage work does not mean that you would be doing anything scientific. Take those long walks you used to have together.

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These walks would give both of you the impression that you are on the same side together. If there are any matters that need to be attended to, talk about them while on these walks. Your love would work like magic. Things would simply fall into place.

6. Change Your Attitude

Couples would often be advised to change their behaviors when relating to each other. Well, the attitude you have towards your marriage also matters a great deal. Therefore, it is important that you have a positive mind towards your marriage. When things seem off track, have a positive mind that things would work out for the best. If at all there are financial problems that you are facing, do not invite negative thoughts into your relationship. Give your partner hope for the best. Doing this invites only good feelings and thoughts to come to your marriage. It is a secret that only a few people understand.

7. Love Calls For Actions, Not Just Your Feeling

Your long-term partner would not know how you are feeling without showing them. Do not claim that you love your wife or husband by staying away from home without calling them back every day. Make a point of ensuring that they feel the love from far away. Buy your boo flowers, chocolates and take them to the most romantic dinners that they have never been to. Yes, this might not be done on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the few days you choose to express your love means a lot to them and your marriage life.

8. Deal With Marriage Crisis Maturely

Undeniably, there are those moments where you might feel as though you cannot take it anymore. These are the rough moments in your marriage. One thing you need to understand is that to get through any stormy weather. You have to continue driving. Therefore, going through a crisis in your marriage does not mean that you should file for divorce. Get through this step with the notion that it is a stepping stone to good things to come between the two of you. It might not be an easy process, but it would surely make a huge difference in future.

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To conclude, getting into marriage is a big deal. Therefore, before calling it quits, you need to focus on what best the two of you can achieve. You still have a long way to enjoy together. It is important to understand that the marriage path is not that easy. Consequently, there would be certain ups and downs you would have to deal with. This would make the difference between a happy and a devastating marriage.

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